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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

some thoughts on repose

Yesterday and today I am traveling in China. Above is a bit of the landscape around West lake in Hangzhou.

It's more difficult to work under conditions of jet lag- the body is of course not functioning according to norms-, but one must try.

So, in the mornings, I have been trying to study the inner condition in relationship to the question of repose. Below some thoughts gleaned from this effort.

We must work very carefully, I find, with a specific kind of inner attention, on the study of the intersection between our inner and our outer conditions.

By inner contions is meant the state of our organism, including the tensions and receptivity of our organism.

By outer conditions is meant this immediate set of inflowing impressions, or, these immediate conditions.

In seeking a state within these immediate conditions, first we must find ourselves within immediate conditions. If there is no active inner correspondence to immediate conditions, then there is no state. So first we attempt to find ourselves within these conditions, according to the intentions and inner availability of the organism. .

This effort is the dividing line between Being and lack of Being. To find and observe one's self within the vibration of immediate conditions is called Seeing.

Once we see that we are in fact within these conditions, we can ask ourselves what it means to be within in a state of relationship to the conditions.

State is dependent on organism. Connection to the organism offers the possibility of another state.

Within the organism is the possibility of repose within immediate conditions. We could also call this inhabiting the conditions. Inhabiting the conditions is an organic function, which our psychology, our mentation, distracts us from.

One of our mistakes is our tendency to try to understand our psychology instead of our organism. This is like trying to understand the car only from the point of view of the speed it travels at. The target is ephemeral and transient, an effect, not a cause.

Psychology is a product of the organism. Only in the most abstract sense possible is the organism a product of psychology. If we seek the organic origins of psychology we may penetrate at the root, instead of trimming the leaves.

Repose is a function of both peripheral sensation and the collection of intelligent sensation within the organic centers. The more we return to this, the more we cultivate repose.

In repose, more seeing is possible, because impressions penetrate deeper into the organism.

There are inherent qualities discoverable in the act of investment in repose that can be fed through breath and a precise inner attention. These qualities consist of varying rates of vibration.

Repose deepens the question and allows us to study those vibrations, where they arise, what feeds them, in greater detail.

Above all we wish to receive our life, this daily bread. Repose is an assistant in this matter.

May your trees bear fruit, and your wells yield water.


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