Comenius project 2005/2006 Sharing our local history and traditions

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1855: 1872:

1944: 1950:


First certificated version of gambling in Baden-Baden

Opening of the playroom in the town hall

Friedrich Weinbrenner built a health resort with a play hall

The game roulett gets popular

After the death of his father Edouard Benazet takes the

gaming house. He brings a lot of his prominent friends to


Edouard Benazet had the race-track of Iffezheim built.

The government in Berlin orders the closing of German gaming houses

The play enterprise in Baden-Baden is taken up again

Closing of the casino at the end of World War II

Ceremonial opening of the 3rd Baden-Badener gaming house

Today it is one of the biggest casinos in Europe.


The area is a famous nature reserve. You can see many water birds, wild ducks and other beautiful plants there. The Railway is the only thing which disturbs the animals and the nature. In the nature reserve is a Talau lake. 100 years ago the area there was full of water. It is fantastic to make bike tours and picnics there. In 1817 the river Rhein was straightened. The parks of the old Rhein are swamplands and nature reserves today.


The Turmberg is a popular place for a trip and at clear weather you can have a fantastic view at the Rheinebene, the Pfälzer Berge and France.

On 1888 the Turmbergtram was built on the Turmberg. It drove with the gravity and ballast, with a length of 315 m, a upward gradient of 36,2% and a height of 100m. In former times it had to be broken with a rack. It was converted at 1966, so it still drives with the gravity, but now with electricity too. Just on 2004 the drive rope has been renewed.

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