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One of the advantages of the motor and servo controllers that come with the Tetrix kit is that multiple controllers can be chained to a single sensor port on the NXT Brick.

Fig. 2-12 HiTechnic Controllers and Accessories
When connecting to the controller, it is fairly straightforward. The motors connect directly to the motor ports, and the batteries to the battery ports. The sensor port is near the "HiTechnic" portion, on the unseen side. It simply connects into the NXT brick using a single port alone, the second port can be used to daisy chain with other controllers.
The NXT Brick is a fairly straightforward setup. Firmware and driver installation will be covered in section "3 Software Components." If you look closely at the image below, you can see ports labeled with letters and numbers. These can be used for sensors (numbers) and motors (letters). You will use these to interface with the Controllers and NXT HID (Human Interface Device), and we will outline those connections in their respective hardware sections below.

Fig. 2-13 NXT Intelligent Brick
The NXT Brick has limited built-in capability for remotely controlled systems. The primary restriction that concerned our design is that the NXT code needed to be run from the RobotC program on the laptop and required the control box to be active. Our system was incompatible with this since the laptop also needs to be able to run VSA scripts which caused the RobotC control box to occasionally not be the active window, thus losing the connection to the remote controller.
To solve this problem we found an adapter that allows any Playstation 2 controller to be connected directly to an NXT sensor port. Then by connecting a wireless 2.4GHz RF controller to the PS2 controller adapter we were able to wirelessly control functions in the NXT directly.

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