Combination Report Einstein Robot

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Fig. 2-8 Plexi-glass and Caster Attachment
Attach the plexi-glass while the base is upside-down. Center it on the bottom most 416mm channel piece, and bolt it down using the 4mm x 8mm bolts and 4mm nuts.

Fig. 2-9 Robot Base Underside
Take a moment before you turn it over, and verify that you have attached everything properly. The unit should be looking symmetrical, and mostly done (see Fig. 5 and 6).
Next, we need to attach the L-brackets and the perforated Aluminum sheet. Now we need to flip the base over.

Fig. 2-10 Completed Robot Base Structure
As you can see in the previous picture, the base will soon be mostly complete. Where you place the head brackets depends on several variables:

  • Laptop Size

  • Cable management

  • Weight management

  • Space management

You will need to place the head on the base, and find the best arrangements to suit your laptop. We used a fairly large laptop, and decided to mount the head as closely as possible to the center of the base. We mounted the L-brackets with more bolts, and secured the perforated aluminum sheet on the end of the base supported by the casters. It is easy to add a lip to secure the laptop by utilizing a bender.

Fig. 2-11 Laptop Platform Lip

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