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Fig. 2-6 Base Channel Alignment
Considering the simplicity of the structure, it is wise to begin by bolting together the largest channel pieces. Lay two pieces parallel on a flat surface, close enough together that the remaining two 416 mm channel pieces can lie on top. The openings should be facing towards the center of the square that they form. The picture above (Fig 2-6) indicates the large channel pieces in relation to the wheel mountings and plexi-glass. Use two - four 4mm x 8mm bolts to secure each corner together, and use 4mm nuts to lock them into place.
Next, attach the two DC motor wheel mounts as far front as possible using the 4mm x 38mm bolts and 4mm nuts. You will want to make sure that these are very secure. The picture below shows one of the wheels in question, mounted as far forward as possible. It also shows the arm mounting.

Fig. 2-7 Motor Mount and Arm Mount Assembly
Next, you will need to go to the end of the frame, opposite of the DC Motor wheels, and attach the caster wheels. In order to do this, attach a 96mm channel piece to the same 416mm channel piece where the DC Motor is mounted. Secure the channels together using more 4mm x 8mm bolts and 4mm nuts. Mount the caster wheels to the two pieces of channel using more 4mm x 8mm bolts and 4mm nuts.

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