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Group roles for second phase

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Group roles for second phase

  • Powerpoint: Will, David, Waleed

  • Powerpoint macros: David

  • Python programming: Will

  • Video recording/editing: David, Will

  • Documentation: Will

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2.c ) Results

  • Successfully used Kinect to control mouse and powerpoint presentation

  • Successfully demonstrated interaction between powerpoint presenta- tion and python code

  • Showcased fun and interesting information about Einstein using voice effects, images, and sounds in powerpoint

  • All materials (presentation, video, report, code) can be found here 10


  1. Mask Modifications

This project we try to improve the facial gesture and expression for the new plastic mask. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough good masks that fits or match our character (Einstein), the closes match we found (see figure 1) unfortunately was stiff and hard to control by servos. We needed to modify the mask by making cuts to widen up some face parts such as eyelid and mouth.
We attempted to control the eye brows of the mask using Velcro and the servos that were located in that part of his head but the mask was to stiff and did not look like it was moving, it almost gave him a blinking motion since it was pulling the mask so much so we had to abandon this. We also attempted to resurrect the mouth using Velcro attached to the lips and servos located in the mouth but this also did give very much mouth movement, this was also abandon.
In order to overcome the fit the previous documentation mentioned using Velcro, so we decided to use it to but had some difficulties with it because it would not stay. The previous group mentioned glue to overcome the mounting issues but we thought this would be too messy. In the end we only had Velcro in the ears and overcame the stickiness by using a screw attached to the head to pull the mask over it to hold it in place note there were holes in the ear for this. We did this for both sides of the head; it was kind of like a quick facelift. It was pointed out that the forehead was sunken in, so we stuffed it with a bunched up handkerchief we found in the lab. Figure 2 shows after modifications. Note curly hair was lost during re-arrangement of the lab.

Figure 2 After Mods

Figure 1 Before Mods

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