Combination Report Einstein Robot

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Group roles for first phase

  • Powerpoint: Will, David, Waleed

  • KinectMouse: David

  • Voice effects: Waleed

  • Documentation: Will




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2.b ) Second phase explanation

Figure 2: A high level diagram of the second phase objectives

The objective for the second phase of this homework was to:

  1. Create a state machine in software that describes the behavior of the robot, robots, and/or the entire theatre presentation

    • Could be deterministic, probabilistic, or fuzzy, or a mix of these.

    • Can have several machines communicating with one another.

    • Can be programmed in any language.

    • Should use Microsoft Powerpoint and Kinect software

  2. Record a video demonstration

In order to meet these objectives, our group did the following:

  • We chose to use python for programming the state machine

  • A python class object was created to describe the behavior of the Ein- stein robot

    • It is appropriately titled ”Einstein”

    • It can be found here 7

    • contains multiple ways to potentially control behavior of robot

    • The behavior of the robot is determined by probabilistic logic using random number generators

  • A python program was made to demonstrate the python class object

    • It is called ”main”

    • It can be found here 8

    • It takes arguments from the command line, parses them and then calls the appropriate method in the Einstein python class object

      • Code requires the following python libraries to run: argparse,

random, (see footnotes on previous page)

      • There is also a README located here 9

  • We introduced more macros within the powerpoint presentation

    • Some of them exhibit probabilistic logic (i.e. randomly choosing slides)

    • Some of them interface with the Python code

    • All buttons that are connected to macros were labelled accordingly

  • We recorded a video demonstration of our project

    • Shows the use of the Kinect software to control the mouse and powerpoint

    • Shows effects and voices in powerpoint presentation

    • Shows the interaction between the powerpoint and python soft- ware

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