Columbia River Young Marines Rank/Name

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After Action Report

Columbia River Young Marines

Rank/Name: ______________________________

Date: ______________________________

Event attended: ______________________________
Date of event: ______________________________
Location of event: ______________________________
Registered Adult in Charge: ______________________________
**Use backside of paper if needed to answer any questions.

  1. How was the travel to and from the event? How were your dealings with the travel agency? Were you met on time at the airport?

  1. How were the lodging and meals?

  1. What was the best part of your trip/event?

  1. What was the worst part of your trip/event?

  1. How were you treated by the Young Marine staff?

  1. How was the behavior of your fellow Young Marines? How do their standards compare with those of our unit? Were there any negative incidents? Did the staff know…how were they handled?

  1. In talking to other Young Marines, do their units do anything that you’d like ours to do?

  1. Would you recommend this event to other members of our unit? How would you improve the experience?

8. List 3 interesting things you learned from this experience. Use back of paper if needed.
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