Color Theory

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Color Theory

Color Theory – Everything that has to do with color; Color wheel, primary, secondary, tertiary colors; tints and shades; warm and cool colors; complementary colors, etc.

Color Wheel – the order of colors as derived from the spectrum. The order of colors on the basic Color wheel is: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and Violet.

Primary Colors – The primary colors are the 1st set of colors. They cannot be created, they cannot be mixed. You make all other colors from the primary colors. They are: Red, Yellow and Blue

Secondary Colors – The secondary colors are the 2nd set of colors. They are created by mixing two of the primary colors, i.e. – red + yellow = orange. They are Orange, Green and Violet.

Tertiary Colors – The tertiary colors are the 3rd set of colors. They are created by mixing one primary color and the adjacent secondary color, i.e.: red + orange = red orange.

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