College and University Section of the Nebraska Library Association research grant application

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College and University Section of the Nebraska Library Association


Please submit this completed application and two letters of reference from professional colleagues by June 30.

Applicants must be members of the College & University Section. Type or print legibly all the requested information

Read and sign the Terms of the grant agreement.


Current Position: Institution/Firm Name: Mailing Address: Telephone:

Fax no: E-Mail:

Member of C&U Section: Yes


Project Description: Title of Project:

Project Goals and Objectives:
Problem Statement and Significance of the Project:

(If applicable, include a description of how this project is viewed within the context of the literature or similar research. Also include how this project will enhance or benefit academic librarianship in Nebraska, who is the intended audience and how large that audience might be.)

Design and Methodology: Scope of the Project:

Time Table and Expected Completion Date:

Proposed Means of disseminating results:

(Committee can assist researcher with ideas)

State the intended use of the award along with an estimated budget:

Please be sure to read and sign the Terms of the Research Grant.

Applicant Signature:

Date: / /

Send application to:

Gillian Connors

Union College Library

3800 S. 48th Street

Lincoln, NE


402-486-2600 ext. 2141

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