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Frank Ringel

Subcontracts Lead

7515 Colshire Boulevard,

McLean, VA 22102-3481

(703) 983-6979



  • Through a consistent corporate wide approach, received thorough and objective independent third party reporting of baseline facility conditions

  • Comprehensive report containing detailed equipment and system descriptions and conditions with a systemic, easy-to-read capital planning forecast timetable of recommendations

  • Effective tool to aid in prioritization and justification of budgeting facility needs that resulted in improved facility management practices and organizational decisions.

  • Forecasted recommended capital renewal projects for long-term facility management decisions on-going recurring maintenance and equipment replacement schedule

  • Developed an accurate accounting of assets and deferred maintenance backlog and repairs with maintenance options for extending expected system service life


    • Identify critical facility asset needs

    • Cost estimates & 20-year capital expenditure prioritization of deferred maintenance

    • Detailed system assessments and reports performed with in-house engineers and specialty sub-consultants (electrical, elevators, and fire & life-safety systems)

    • Photographic record of conditions

    • Preliminary LEED® review

MITRE Building Infrastructure Assessment

and Capital Improvement Program

Bedford, MA and Mclean, Virginia

MITRE is an independent, not-for-profit corporation that provides scientific research and development support to the Government. MITRE manages three Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDC) that perform system R&D work for the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and other civil aviation authorities. MITRE currently operates two corporate headquarters: one in Bedford, Massachusetts and the other in McLean, Virginia. MITRE also operates fifty domestic campus and individual site locations and twelve international locations. MITRE has approximately 6,000 employees with more than 800 employees located domestically and abroad.

Over a contract period of five years, FEA performed comprehensive Building & Infrastructure Assessment and Capital Improvement Forecasting services for the MITRE Corporation, focusing on the two corporate headquarter locations. In addition to the Bedford and McLean campuses, FEA also provided assessment services to selected domestic facilities. In total, FEA assessed seventeen separate facilities with over 2.5 million square feet of area. The facilities covered a broad range of construction types and age. The building types included offices, research and laboratories, garages, and central heating and cooling plants. Building services often included meeting and public auditoriums, food services and cafeterias, and site amenities.

FEA worked closely with the professional in-house mechanical and electrical engineers and facility managers at both sites to assemble a customized report and capital plan tailored to each of the surveyed buildings and structures. Through this collaboration, the resulting survey efforts and report writing processes effectively addressed the specialized facility infrastructure needs and security requirements of MITRE.

MITRE is using the data from the facility assessments to plan capital and operations budgets and to develop and justify maintenance and repair budgets. The assessment results provide a baseline of facility conditions and support system performance that address functional and programmatic needs with recommended solutions that will help MITRE prioritize future projects.

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