Classification of diseases and injuries

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PAIN (338)

338 Pain, not elsewhere classified

Use additional code to identify:

pain associated with psychological factors (307.89)

Excludes: generalized pain (780.96)

headache syndromes (339.00-339.89)

localized pain, unspecified type - code to pain by site

migraines (346.0-346.9)

pain disorder exclusively attributed to psychological factors (307.80)

vulvar vestibulitis (625.71)

vulvodynia (625.70-625.79)

338.0 Central pain syndrome

Déjérine-Roussy syndrome

Myelopathic pain syndrome

Thalamic pain syndrome (hyperesthetic)

338.1 Acute pain

338.11 Acute pain due to trauma

338.12 Acute post-thoracotomy pain

Post-thoracotomy pain NOS

338.18 Other acute postoperative pain

Postoperative pain NOS

338.19 Other acute pain

Excludes: neoplasm related acute pain (338.3)

338.2 Chronic pain

Excludes: causalgia (355.9)

lower limb (355.71)

upper limb (354.4)

chronic pain syndrome (338.4)

myofascial pain syndrome (729.1)

neoplasm related chronic pain (338.3)

reflex sympathetic dystrophy (337.20-337.29)

338.21 Chronic pain due to trauma

338.22 Chronic post-thoracotomy pain

338.28 Other chronic postoperative pain

338.29 Other chronic pain

338.3 Neoplasm related pain (acute) (chronic)

Cancer associated pain

Pain due to malignancy (primary) (secondary)

Tumor associated pain

338.4 Chronic pain syndrome

Chronic pain associated with significant psychosocial dysfunction


339 Other headache syndromes

Excludes: headache:

NOS (784.0)

due to lumbar puncture (349.0)

migraine (346.0-346.9)

339.0 Cluster headaches and other trigeminal autonomic cephalgias


339.00 Cluster headache syndrome, unspecified

Ciliary neuralgia

Cluster headache NOS

Histamine cephalgia

Lower half migraine

Migrainous neuralgia

339.01 Episodic cluster headache

339.02 Chronic cluster headache

339.03 Episodic paroxysmal hemicrania

Paroxysmal hemicrania NOS

339.04 Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania

339.05 Short lasting unilateral neuralgiform headache with conjunctival injection and tearing


339.09 Other trigeminal autonomic cephalgias

339.1 Tension type headache

Excludes: tension headache NOS (307.81)

tension headache related to psychological factors (307.81)

339.10 Tension type headache, unspecified

339.11 Episodic tension type headache

339.12 Chronic tension type headache

339.2 Post-traumatic headache

339.20 Post-traumatic headache, unspecified

339.21 Acute post-traumatic headache

339.22 Chronic post-traumatic headache

339.3 Drug induced headache, not elsewhere classified

Medication overuse headache

Rebound headache

339.4 Complicated headache syndromes

339.41 Hemicrania continua

339.42 New daily persistent headache


339.43 Primary thunderclap headache

339.44 Other complicated headache syndrome

339.8 Other specified headache syndromes

339.81 Hypnic headache

339.82 Headache associated with sexual activity

Orgasmic headache

Preorgasmic headache

339.83 Primary cough headache

339.84 Primary exertional headache

339.85 Primary stabbing headache

339.89 Other specified headache syndromes


340 Multiple sclerosis

Disseminated or multiple sclerosis:


brain stem



341 Other demyelinating diseases of central nervous system

341.0 Neuromyelitis optica

341.1 Schilder's disease

Balo's concentric sclerosis

Encephalitis periaxialis:

concentrica [Balo's]

diffusa [Schilder's]

341.2 Acute (transverse) myelitis

Excludes: acute (transverse) myelitis (in) (due to):

following immunization procedures (323.52)

infection classified elsewhere (323.42)

postinfectious (323.63)

protozoal diseases classified elsewhere (323.2)

rickettsial diseases classified elsewhere (323.1)

toxic (323.72)

viral diseases classified elsewhere (323.02)

transverse myelitis NOS (323.82)

341.20 Acute (transverse) myelitis NOS

341.21 Acute (transverse) myelitis in conditions classified elsewhere

Code firstunderlying condition

341.22 Idiopathic transverse myelitis

341.8 Other demyelinating diseases of central nervous system

Central demyelination of corpus callosum

Central pontine myelinosis

Marchiafava (-Bignami) disease

341.9 Demyelinating disease of central nervous system, unspecified

342 Hemiplegia and hemiparesis

Note: This category is to be used when hemiplegia (complete) (incomplete) is reported without further specification, or is stated to be old or long-standing but of unspecified cause. The category is also for use in multiple coding to identify these types of hemiplegia resulting from any cause.

Excludes: congenital (343.1)

hemiplegia due to late effect of cerebrovascular accident (438.20-438.22)

infantile NOS (343.4)

The following fifth-digits are for use with codes 342.0-342.9

0 affecting unspecified side

1 affecting dominant side

2 affecting nondominant side

342.0 Flaccid hemiplegia


342.1 Spastic hemiplegia


342.8 Other specified hemiplegia


342.9 Hemiplegia, unspecified


343 Infantile cerebral palsy

Includes: cerebral:

palsy NOS

spastic infantile paralysis

congenital spastic paralysis (cerebral)

Little's disease

paralysis (spastic) due to birth injury:



Excludes: athetoid cerebral palsy (333.71)

hereditary cerebral paralysis, such as:

hereditary spastic paraplegia (334.1)

Vogt's disease (333.71)

spastic paralysis specified as noncongenital or noninfantile (344.0-344.9)

343.0 Diplegic

Congenital diplegia

Congenital paraplegia

343.1 Hemiplegic

Congenital hemiplegia

Excludes: infantile hemiplegia NOS (343.4)

343.2 Quadriplegic


343.3 Monoplegic

343.4 Infantile hemiplegia

Infantile hemiplegia (postnatal) NOS

343.8 Other specified infantile cerebral palsy

343.9 Infantile cerebral palsy, unspecified

Cerebral palsy NOS

344 Other paralytic syndromes

Note: This category is to be used when the listed conditions are reported without further specification or are stated to be old or long-standing but of unspecified cause. The category is also for use in multiple coding to identify these conditions resulting from any cause.

Includes: paralysis (complete) (incomplete), except as classifiable to 342 and 343

Excludes: congenital or infantile cerebral palsy (343.0-343.9)

hemiplegia (342.0-342.9)

congenital or infantile (343.1, 343.4)

344.0 Quadriplegia and quadriparesis

344.00 Quadriplegia, unspecified

344.01 C1-C4, complete

344.02 C1-C4, incomplete

344.03 C5-C7, complete

344.04 C5-C7, incomplete

344.09 Other

344.1 Paraplegia

Paralysis of both lower limbs

Paraplegia (lower)

344.2 Diplegia of upper limbs

Diplegia (upper)

Paralysis of both upper limbs

344.3 Monoplegia of lower limb

Paralysis of lower limb

Excludes: monoplegia of lower limb due to late effect of cerebrovascular accident (438.40-438.42)

344.30 Affecting unspecified side

344.31 Affecting dominant side

344.32 Affecting nondominant side

344.4 Monoplegia of upper limb

Paralysis of upper limb

Excludes: monoplegia of upper limb due to late effect of cerebrovascular accident (438.30-438.32)

344.40 Affecting unspecified side

344.41 Affecting dominant side

344.42 Affecting nondominant side

344.5 Unspecified monoplegia

344.6 Cauda equina syndrome

344.60 Without mention of neurogenic bladder

344.61 With neurogenic bladder

Acontractile bladder

Autonomic hyperreflexia of bladder

Cord bladder

Detrusor hyperreflexia

344.8 Other specified paralytic syndromes

344.81 Locked-in state

344.89 Other specified paralytic syndrome

344.9 Paralysis, unspecified

345 Epilepsy and recurrent seizures

The following fifth-digit subclassification is for use with categories 345.0, .1, .4-.9:

0 without mention of intractable epilepsy

1 with intractable epilepsy

pharmacoresistant (pharmacologically resistant)

poorly controlled

treatment resistant

refractory (medically)

Excludes: hippocampal sclerosis (348.81)

mesial temporal sclerosis (348.81)

temporal sclerosis (348.81)

345.0 Generalized nonconvulsive epilepsy





Minor epilepsy

Petit mal





345.1 Generalized convulsive epilepsy


Epileptic seizures:





Grand mal

Major epilepsy

Progressive myoclonic epilepsy

Unverricht-Lundborg disease

Excludes: convulsions:

NOS (780.39)

infantile (780.39)

newborn (779.0)

infantile spasms (345.6)

345.2 Petit mal status

Epileptic absence status

345.3 Grand mal status

Status epilepticus NOS

Excludes: epilepsia partialis continua (345.7) status:

psychomotor (345.7)

temporal lobe (345.7)

345.4 Localization-related (focal) (partial) epilepsy and epileptic syndromes with complex partial seizures



limbic system


secondarily generalized

with impairment of consciousness

with memory and ideational disturbances



temporal lobe

Epileptic automatism

345.5 Localization-related (focal) (partial) epilepsy and epileptic syndromes with simple partial seizures



Bravais-Jacksonian NOS

focal (motor) NOS

Jacksonian NOS

motor partial

partial NOS

without mention of impairment of consciousness






345.6 Infantile spasms



Lightning spasms

Salaam attacks

Excludes: salaam tic (781.0)

345.7 Epilepsia partialis continua


Kojevnikov's epilepsy

345.8 Other forms of epilepsy and recurrent seizures



cursive [running]


Recurrent seizures NOS

345.9 Epilepsy, unspecified


Epileptic convulsions, fits, or seizures NOS

Seizure disorder NOS

Excludes: convulsion (convulsive) disorder (780.39)

convulsive seizure or fit NOS (780.39)

recurrent convulsions (780.39)

346 Migraine

Excludes: headache:

NOS (784.0)

syndromes (339.00-339.89)

The following fifth-digit subclassification is for use with category 346:

0 without mention of intractable migraine without mention of status migrainosus

without mention of refractory migraine without mention of status migrainosus

1 with intractable migraine, so stated, without mention of status migrainosus

with refractory migraine, so stated, without mention of status migrainosus

2 without mention of intractable migraine with status migrainosus

without mention of refractory migraine with status migrainosus

3 with intractable migraine, so stated, with status migrainosus

with refractory migraine, so stated, with status migrainosus

346.0 Migraine with aura


Basilar migraine

Classic migraine

Migraine preceded or accompanied by transient focal neurological phenomena

Migraine triggered seizures

Migraine with acute-onset aura

Migraine with aura without headache (migraine equivalents)

Migraine with prolonged aura

Migraine with typical aura

Retinal migraine

Excludes: persistent migraine aura (346.5, 346.6)

346.1 Migraine without aura


Common migraine

346.2 Variants of migraine, not elsewhere classified


Abdominal migraine

Cyclical vomiting associated with migraine

Ophthalmoplegic migraine

Periodic headache syndromes in child or adolescent

Excludes: cyclical vomiting NOS (536.2)

psychogenic cyclical vomiting (306.4)

346.3 Hemiplegic migraine


Familial migraine

Sporadic migraine

346.4 Menstrual migraine


Menstrual headache

Menstrually related migraine

Premenstrual headache

Premenstrual migraine

Pure menstrual migraine

346.5 Persistent migraine aura without cerebral infarction


Persistent migraine aura NOS

346.6 Persistent migraine aura with cerebral infarction


346.7 Chronic migraine without aura


Transformed migraine without aura

346.8 Other forms of migraine


346.9 Migraine, unspecified


347 Cataplexy and narcolepsy

347.0 Narcolepsy

347.00 Without cataplexy

Narcolepsy NOS

347.01 With cataplexy

347.1 Narcolepsy in conditions classified elsewhere

Code first underlying condition

347.10 Without cataplexy

347.11 With cataplexy

348 Other conditions of brain

348.0 Cerebral cysts

Arachnoid cyst

Porencephalic cyst

Porencephaly, acquired


348.1 Anoxic brain damage

Excludes: that occurring in:

abortion (634-638 with.7, 639.8)

ectopic or molar pregnancy (639.8)

labor or delivery (668.2, 669.4)

that of newborn (767.0, 768.0-768.9, 772.1-772.2)

Use additional E code to identify cause

348.2 Benign intracranial hypertension

Pseudotumor cerebri

Excludes: hypertensive encephalopathy (437.2)

348.3 Encephalopathy, not elsewhere classified

348.30 Encephalopathy, unspecified

348.31 Metabolic encephalopathy

Septic encephalopathy

Excludes: toxic metabolic encephalopathy (349.82)

348.39 Other encephalopathy

Excludes: encephalopathy:

alcoholic (291.2)

hepatic (572.2)

hypertensive (437.2)

toxic (349.82)

348.4 Compression of brain

Compression brain (stem)

Herniation brain (stem)

Posterior fossa compression syndrome

348.5 Cerebral edema

348.8 Other conditions of brain

348.81 Temporal sclerosis

Hippocampal sclerosis

Mesial temporal sclerosis

348.82 Brain death

348.89 Other conditions of brain




Excludes: brain death (348.82)

348.9 Unspecified condition of brain

349 Other and unspecified disorders of the nervous system

349.0 Reaction to spinal or lumbar puncture

Headache following lumbar puncture

349.1 Nervous system complications from surgically implanted device

Excludes: immediate postoperative complications (997.00-997.09)

mechanical complications of nervous system device (996.2)

349.2 Disorders of meninges, not elsewhere classified

Adhesions, meningeal (cerebral) (spinal)

Cyst, spinal meninges

Meningocele, acquired

Pseudomeningocele, acquired

349.3 Dural tear

349.31 Accidental puncture or laceration of dura during a procedure

Incidental (inadvertent) durotomy

349.39 Other dural tear

349.8 Other specified disorders of nervous system

349.81 Cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea

Excludes: cerebrospinal fluid otorrhea (388.61)

349.82 Toxic encephalopathy

Toxic metabolic encephalopathy

Use additional E code to identify cause

349.89 Other

349.9 Unspecified disorders of nervous system

Disorder of nervous system (central) NOS


Excludes: diseases of:

acoustic [8th] nerve (388.5)

oculomotor [3rd, 4th, 6th] nerves (378.0-378.9)

optic [2nd] nerve (377.0-377.9)

peripheral autonomic nerves (337.0-337.9)

neuralgia NOS or "rheumatic" (729.2)

neuritis NOS or "rheumatic" (729.2)

radiculitis NOS or "rheumatic" (729.2)

peripheral neuritis in pregnancy (646.4)

350 Trigeminal nerve disorders

Includes: disorders of 5th cranial nerve

350.1 Trigeminal neuralgia

Tic douloureux

Trifacial neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia NOS

Excludes: postherpetic (053.12)

350.2 Atypical face pain

350.8 Other specified trigeminal nerve disorders

350.9 Trigeminal nerve disorder, unspecified

351 Facial nerve disorders

Includes: disorders of 7th cranial nerve

Excludes: that in newborn (767.5)

351.0 Bell's palsy

Facial palsy

351.1 Geniculate ganglionitis

Geniculate ganglionitis NOS

Excludes: herpetic (053.11)

351.8 Other facial nerve disorders

Facial myokymia

Melkersson's syndrome

351.9 Facial nerve disorder, unspecified

352 Disorders of other cranial nerves

352.0 Disorders of olfactory [1st] nerve

352.1 Glossopharyngeal neuralgia

352.2 Other disorders of glossopharyngeal [9th] nerve

352.3 Disorders of pneumogastric [10th] nerve

Disorders of vagal nerve

Excludes: paralysis of vocal cords or larynx (478.30-478.34)

352.4 Disorders of accessory [11th] nerve

352.5 Disorders of hypoglossal [12th] nerve

352.6 Multiple cranial nerve palsies

Collet-Sicard syndrome

Polyneuritis cranialis

352.9 Unspecified disorder of cranial nerves

353 Nerve root and plexus disorders

Excludes: conditions due to:

intervertebral disc disorders (722.0-722.9)

spondylosis (720.0-721.9)

vertebrogenic disorders (723.0-724.9)

353.0 Brachial plexus lesions

Cervical rib syndrome

Costoclavicular syndrome

Scalenus anticus syndrome

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Excludes: brachial neuritis or radiculitis NOS (723.4)

that in newborn (767.6)

353.1 Lumbosacral plexus lesions

353.2 Cervical root lesions, not elsewhere classified

353.3 Thoracic root lesions, not elsewhere classified

353.4 Lumbosacral root lesions, not elsewhere classified

353.5 Neuralgic amyotrophy

Parsonage-Aldren-Turner syndrome

Code first any associated underlying disease, such as:

diabetes mellitus (249.6, 250.6)

353.6 Phantom limb (syndrome)

353.8 Other nerve root and plexus disorders

353.9 Unspecified nerve root and plexus disorder

354 Mononeuritis of upper limb and mononeuritis multiplex

354.0 Carpal tunnel syndrome

Median nerve entrapment

Partial thenar atrophy

354.1 Other lesion of median nerve

Median nerve neuritis

354.2 Lesion of ulnar nerve

Cubital tunnel syndrome

Tardy ulnar nerve palsy

354.3 Lesion of radial nerve

Acute radial nerve palsy

354.4 Causalgia of upper limb

Complex regional pain syndrome type II of the upper limb

Excludes: causalgia:

NOS (355.9)

lower limb (355.71)

complex regional pain syndrome type II of the lower limb (355.71)

354.5 Mononeuritis multiplex

Combinations of single conditions classifiable to 354 or 355

354.8 Other mononeuritis of upper limb

354.9 Mononeuritis of upper limb, unspecified

355 Mononeuritis of lower limb

355.0 Lesion of sciatic nerve

Excludes: sciatica NOS (724.3)

355.1 Meralgia paresthetica

Lateral cutaneous femoral nerve of thigh compression or syndrome

355.2 Other lesion of femoral nerve

355.3 Lesion of lateral popliteal nerve

Lesion of common peroneal nerve

355.4 Lesion of medial popliteal nerve

355.5 Tarsal tunnel syndrome

355.6 Lesion of plantar nerve

Morton's metatarsalgia, neuralgia, or neuroma

355.7 Other mononeuritis of lower limb

355.71 Causalgia of lower limb

Excludes: causalgia:

NOS (355.9)

upper limb (354.4)

complex regional pain syndrome type II of the upper limb (354.4)

355.79 Other mononeuritis of lower limb

355.8 Mononeuritis of lower limb, unspecified

355.9 Mononeuritis of unspecified site

Causalgia NOS

Complex regional pain syndrome NOS

Excludes: causalgia:

lower limb (355.71)

upper limb (354.4)

complex regional pain syndrome:

lower limb (355.71)

upper limb (354.4)

356 Hereditary and idiopathic peripheral neuropathy

356.0 Hereditary peripheral neuropathy

Déjérine-Sottas disease

356.1 Peroneal muscular atrophy

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

Neuropathic muscular atrophy

356.2 Hereditary sensory neuropathy

356.3 Refsum's disease

Heredopathia atactica polyneuritiformis

356.4 Idiopathic progressive polyneuropathy

356.8 Other specified idiopathic peripheral neuropathy

Supranuclear paralysis

356.9 Unspecified

357 Inflammatory and toxic neuropathy

357.0 Acute infective polyneuritis

Guillain-Barre syndrome

Postinfectious polyneuritis

357.1 Polyneuropathy in collagen vascular disease

Code first underlying disease, as:

disseminated lupus erythematosus (710.0)

polyarteritis nodosa (446.0)

rheumatoid arthritis (714.0)

357.2 Polyneuropathy in diabetes

Code first underlying disease (249.6, 250.6)

357.3 Polyneuropathy in malignant disease

Code first underlying disease (140.0-208.9)

357.4 Polyneuropathy in other diseases classified elsewhere

Code first underlying disease, as:

amyloidosis (277.30-277.39)

beriberi (265.0)

chronic uremia (585.9)

deficiency of B vitamins (266.0-266.9)

diphtheria (032.0-032.9)

hypoglycemia (251.2)

pellagra (265.2)

porphyria (277.1)

sarcoidosis (135)

uremia NOS (586)

Excludes: polyneuropathy in:

herpes zoster (053.13)

mumps (072.72)

357.5 Alcoholic polyneuropathy

357.6 Polyneuropathy due to drugs

Use additional E code to identify drug

357.7 Polyneuropathy due to other toxic agents

Use additional E code to identify toxic agent

357.8 Other

357.81 Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuritis

357.82 Critical illness polyneuropathy

Acute motor neuropathy

357.89 Other inflammatory and toxic neuropathy

357.9 Unspecified

358 Myoneural disorders

358.0 Myasthenia gravis

358.00 Myasthenia gravis without (acute) exacerbation

358.01 Myasthenia gravis with (acute) exacerbation

Myasthenia gravis in crisis

358.1 Myasthenic syndromes in diseases classified elsewhere

Code first underlying disease, as:

botulism (005.1, 040.41-040.42)

hypothyroidism (244.0-244.9)

malignant neoplasm (140.0-208.9)

pernicious anemia (281.0)

thyrotoxicosis (242.0-242.9)

358.2 Toxic myoneural disorders

Use additional E code to identify toxic agent

358.3 Lambert-Eaton syndrome

Eaton-Lambert syndrome

358.30 Lambert-Eaton syndrome, unspecified

Lambert-Eaton syndrome NOS

358.31 Lambert-Eaton syndrome in neoplastic disease

Code first the underlying neoplastic disease

358.39 Lambert-Eaton syndrome in other diseases classified elsewhere

Code first the underlying conditions

358.8 Other specified myoneural disorders

358.9 Myoneural disorders, unspecified

359 Muscular dystrophies and other myopathies

Excludes: idiopathic polymyositis (710.4)

359.0 Congenital hereditary muscular dystrophy

Benign congenital myopathy

Central core disease

Centronuclear myopathy

Myotubular myopathy

Nemaline body disease

Excludes: arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (754.89)

359.1 Hereditary progressive muscular dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy:











359.2 Myotonic disorders

Excludes: periodic paralysis (359.3)

359.21 Myotonic muscular dystrophy

Dystrophia myotonica

Myotonia atrophica

Myotonic dystrophy

Proximal myotonic myopathy (PROMM)

Steinert's disease

359.22 Myotonia congenita

Acetazolamide responsive myotonia congenita

Dominant form (Thomsen's disease)

Myotonia levior

Recessive form (Becker's disease)

359.23 Myotonic chondrodystrophy

Congenital myotonic chondrodystrophy

Schwartz-Jampel disease

359.24 Drug-induced myotonia

Use additional E code to identify drug

359.29 Other specified myotonic disorder

Myotonia fluctuans

Myotonia permanens

Paramyotonia congenita (of von Eulenburg)

359.3 Periodic paralysis

Familial periodic paralysis

Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis

Hypokalemic familial periodic paralysis

Hypokalemic periodic paralysis

Potassium sensitive periodic paralysis

Excludes: paramyotonia congenita (of von Eulenburg) (359.29)

359.4 Toxic myopathy

Use additional E code to identify toxic agent

359.5 Myopathy in endocrine diseases classified elsewhere

Code first underlying disease, as:

Addison's disease (255.41)

Cushing's syndrome (255.0)

hypopituitarism (253.2)

myxedema (244.0-244.9)

thyrotoxicosis (242.0-242.9)

359.6 Symptomatic inflammatory myopathy in diseases classified elsewhere

Code first underlying disease, as:

amyloidosis (277.30-277.39)

disseminated lupus erythematosus (710.0)

malignant neoplasm (140.0-208.9)

polyarteritis nodosa (446.0)

rheumatoid arthritis (714.0)

sarcoidosis (135)

scleroderma (710.1)

Sjögren's disease (710.2)

359.7 Inflammatory and immune myopathies, NEC

359.71 Inclusion body myositis


359.79 Other inflammatory and immune myopathies, NEC

Inflammatory myopathy NOS

359.8 Other myopathies

359.81 Critical illness myopathy

Acute necrotizing myopathy

Acute quadriplegic myopathy

Intensive care (ICU) myopathy

Myopathy of critical illness

359.89 Other myopathies

359.9 Myopathy, unspecified

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