Classification of diseases and injuries

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ICD-9-CM Tabular List of Diseases (FY12)



Note: Categories for "late effects" of infectious and parasitic diseases are to be found at 137-139.

Includes: diseases generally recognized as communicable or transmissible as well as a few diseases of unknown but possibly infectious origin

Excludes: acute respiratory infections (460-466)

carrier or suspected carrier of infectious organism (V02.0-V02.9)

certain localized infections

influenza (487.0-487.8, 488.01-488.19)


Excludes: helminthiases (120.0-129)

001 Cholera

001.0 Due to Vibrio cholerae

001.1 Due to Vibrio cholerae el tor

001.9 Cholera, unspecified

002 Typhoid and paratyphoid fevers

002.0 Typhoid fever

Typhoid (fever) (infection) [any site]

002.1 Paratyphoid fever A

002.2 Paratyphoid fever B

002.3 Paratyphoid fever C

002.9 Paratyphoid fever, unspecified

003 Other salmonella infections

Includes: infection or food poisoning by Salmonella [any serotype]

003.0 Salmonella gastroenteritis


003.1 Salmonella septicemia

003.2 Localized salmonella infections

003.20 Localized salmonella infection, unspecified

003.21 Salmonella meningitis

003.22 Salmonella pneumonia

003.23 Salmonella arthritis

003.24 Salmonella osteomyelitis

003.29 Other

003.8 Other specified salmonella infections

003.9 Salmonella infection, unspecified

004 Shigellosis

Includes: bacillary dysentery

004.0 Shigella dysenteriae

Infection by group A Shigella (Schmitz) (Shiga)

004.1 Shigella flexneri

Infection by group B Shigella

004.2 Shigella boydii

Infection by group C Shigella

004.3 Shigella sonnei

Infection by group D Shigella

004.8 Other specified shigella infections

004.9 Shigellosis, unspecified

005 Other food poisoning (bacterial)

Excludes: salmonella infections (003.0-003.9)

toxic effect of:

food contaminants (989.7)

noxious foodstuffs (988.0-988.9)

005.0 Staphylococcal food poisoning

Staphylococcal toxemia specified as due to food

005.1 Botulism food poisoning

Botulism NOS

Food poisoning due to Clostridium botulinum

Excludes: infant botulism (040.41)

wound botulism (040.42)

005.2 Food poisoning due to Clostridium perfringens [C. welchii]

Enteritis necroticans

005.3 Food poisoning due to other Clostridia

005.4 Food poisoning due to Vibrio parahaemolyticus

005.8 Other bacterial food poisoning

Excludes: salmonella food poisoning (003.0-003.9)

005.81 Food poisoning due to Vibrio vulnificus

005.89 Other bacterial food poisoning

Food poisoning due to Bacillus cereus

005.9 Food poisoning, unspecified

006 Amebiasis

Includes: infection due to Entamoeba histolytica

Excludes: amebiasis due to organisms other than Entamoeba histolytica (007.8)

006.0 Acute amebic dysentery without mention of abscess

Acute amebiasis

006.1 Chronic intestinal amebiasis without mention of abscess



amebic dysentery

006.2 Amebic nondysenteric colitis

006.3 Amebic liver abscess

Hepatic amebiasis

006.4 Amebic lung abscess

Amebic abscess of lung (and liver)

006.5 Amebic brain abscess

Amebic abscess of brain (and liver) (and lung)

006.6 Amebic skin ulceration

Cutaneous amebiasis

006.8 Amebic infection of other sites





Excludes: specific infections by free-living amebae (136.21-136-29)

006.9 Amebiasis, unspecified

Amebiasis NOS

007 Other protozoal intestinal diseases

Includes: protozoal:




007.0 Balantidiasis

Infection by Balantidium coli

007.1 Giardiasis

Infection by Giardia lamblia


007.2 Coccidiosis

Infection by Isospora belli and Isospora hominis


007.3 Intestinal trichomoniasis

007.4 Cryptosporidiosis

007.5 Cyclosporiasis

007.8 Other specified protozoal intestinal diseases

Amebiasis due to organisms other than Entamoeba histolytica

007.9 Unspecified protozoal intestinal disease

Flagellate diarrhea

Protozoal dysentery NOS

008 Intestinal infections due to other organisms

Includes: any condition classifiable to 009.0-009.3 with mention of the responsible organisms

Excludes: food poisoning by these organisms (005.0-005.9)

008.0 Escherichia coli [E. coli]

008.00 E. coli, unspecified

E. coli enteritis NOS

008.01 Enteropathogenic E. coli

008.02 Enterotoxigenic E. coli

008.03 Enteroinvasive E. coli

008.04 Enterohemorrhagic E. coli

008.09 Other intestinal E. coli infections

008.1 Arizona group of paracolon bacilli

008.2 Aerobacter aerogenes

Enterobacter aerogenes

008.3 Proteus (mirabilis) (morganii)

008.4 Other specified bacteria

008.41 Staphylococcus

Staphylococcal enterocolitis

008.42 Pseudomonas

008.43 Campylobacter

008.44 Yersinia enterocolitica

008.45 Clostridium difficile

Pseudomembranous colitis

008.46 Other anaerobes

Anaerobic enteritis NOS

Bacteroides (fragilis)

Gram-negative anaerobes

008.47 Other gram-negative bacteria

Gram-negative enteritis NOS

Excludes: gram-negative anaerobes (008.46)

008.49 Other

008.5 Bacterial enteritis, unspecified

008.6 Enteritis due to specified virus

008.61 Rotavirus

008.62 Adenovirus

008.63 Norwalk virus


Norwalk-like agent

008.64 Other small round viruses [SRV's]

Small round virus NOS

008.65 Calicivirus

008.66 Astrovirus

008.67 Enterovirus NEC

Coxsackie virus


Excludes: poliovirus (045.0-045.9)

008.69 Other viral enteritis


008.8 Other organism, not elsewhere classified


enteritis NOS


Excludes: influenza with involvement of gastrointestinal tract (487.8, 488.09, 488.19)

009 Ill-defined intestinal infections

Excludes: diarrheal disease or intestinal infection due to specified organism (001.0-008.8)

diarrhea following gastrointestinal surgery (564.4)

intestinal malabsorption (579.0-579.9)

ischemic enteritis (557.0-557.9)

other noninfectious gastroenteritis and colitis (558.1-558.9)

regional enteritis (555.0-555.9)

ulcerative colitis (556)

009.0 Infectious colitis, enteritis, and gastroenteritis

Colitis (septic)





Enteritis (septic)

Gastroenteritis (septic)

009.1 Colitis, enteritis, and gastroenteritis of presumed infectious origin

Excludes: colitis NOS (558.9)

enteritis NOS (558.9)

gastroenteritis NOS (558.9)

009.2 Infectious diarrhea




Infectious diarrheal disease NOS

009.3 Diarrhea of presumed infectious origin

Excludes: diarrhea NOS (787.91)


Includes: infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (human) (bovine)

Excludes: congenital tuberculosis (771.2)

late effects of tuberculosis (137.0-137.4)

The following fifth-digit subclassification is for use with categories 010-018:

0 unspecified

1 bacteriological or histological examination not done

2 bacteriological or histological examination unknown (at present)

3 tubercle bacilli found (in sputum) by microscopy

4 tubercle bacilli not found (in sputum) by microscopy, but found by bacterial culture

5 tubercle bacilli not found by bacteriological examination, but tuberculosis confirmed histologically

6 tubercle bacilli not found by bacteriological or histological examination, but tuberculosis confirmed by other methods [inoculation of animals]

010 Primary tuberculous infection

Requires fifth digit. see beginning of section 010-018 for codes and definitions.

010.0 Primary tuberculous infection


Excludes: nonspecific reaction to test for tuberculosis without active tuberculosis (795.51-795.52)

positive PPD (795.51)

positive tuberculin skin test without active tuberculosis (795.51)

010.1 Tuberculous pleurisy in primary progressive tuberculosis


010.8 Other primary progressive tuberculosis


Excludes: tuberculous erythema nodosum (017.1)

010.9 Primary tuberculous infection, unspecified


011 Pulmonary tuberculosis

Requires fifth digit. see beginning of section 010-018 or codes and definitions.

Use additional code to identify any associated silicosis (502)

011.0 Tuberculosis of lung, infiltrative


011.1 Tuberculosis of lung, nodular


011.2 Tuberculosis of lung with cavitation


011.3 Tuberculosis of bronchus


Excludes: isolated bronchial tuberculosis (012.2)

011.4 Tuberculous fibrosis of lung


011.5 Tuberculous bronchiectasis


011.6 Tuberculous pneumonia [any form]


011.7 Tuberculous pneumothorax


011.8 Other specified pulmonary tuberculosis


011.9 Pulmonary tuberculosis, unspecified


Respiratory tuberculosis NOS

Tuberculosis of lung NOS

012 Other respiratory tuberculosis

Requires fifth digit. see beginning of section 010-018 for codes and definitions.

Excludes: respiratory tuberculosis, unspecified (011.9)

012.0 Tuberculous pleurisy


Tuberculosis of pleura

Tuberculous empyema

Tuberculous hydrothorax

Excludes: pleurisy with effusion without mention of cause (511.9)

tuberculous pleurisy in primary progressive tuberculosis (010.1)

012.1 Tuberculosis of intrathoracic lymph nodes


Tuberculosis of lymph nodes:




Tuberculous tracheobronchial adenopathy

Excludes: that specified as primary (010.0-010.9)

012.2 Isolated tracheal or bronchial tuberculosis


012.3 Tuberculous laryngitis


Tuberculosis of glottis

012.8 Other specified respiratory tuberculosis


Tuberculosis of:



nose (septum)

sinus [any nasal]

013 Tuberculosis of meninges and central nervous system

Requires fifth digit. see beginning of section 010-018 for codes and definitions.

013.0 Tuberculous meningitis


Tuberculosis of meninges (cerebral) (spinal)




Excludes: tuberculoma of meninges (013.1)

013.1 Tuberculoma of meninges


013.2 Tuberculoma of brain


Tuberculosis of brain (current disease)

013.3 Tuberculous abscess of brain


013.4 Tuberculoma of spinal cord


013.5 Tuberculous abscess of spinal cord


013.6 Tuberculous encephalitis or myelitis


013.8 Other specified tuberculosis of central nervous system


013.9 Unspecified tuberculosis of central nervous system


Tuberculosis of central nervous system NOS

014 Tuberculosis of intestines, peritoneum, and mesenteric glands

Requires fifth digit. see beginning of section 010-018 for codes and definitions.

014.0 Tuberculous peritonitis


Tuberculous ascites

014.8 Other


Tuberculosis (of):


intestine (large) (small)

mesenteric glands


retroperitoneal (lymph nodes)

Tuberculous enteritis

015 Tuberculosis of bones and joints

Requires fifth digit. see beginning of section 010-018 for codes and definitions.

Use additional code to identify manifestation, as:


arthropathy (711.4)

necrosis of bone (730.8)

osteitis (730.8)

osteomyelitis (730.8)

synovitis (727.01)

tenosynovitis (727.01)

015.0 Vertebral column


Pott's disease

Use additional code to identify manifestation, as:

curvature of spine [Pott's] (737.4)

kyphosis (737.4)

spondylitis (720.81)

015.1 Hip


015.2 Knee


015.5 Limb bones


Tuberculous dactylitis

015.6 Mastoid


Tuberculous mastoiditis

015.7 Other specified bone


015.8 Other specified joint


015.9 Tuberculosis of unspecified bones and joints


016 Tuberculosis of genitourinary system

Requires fifth digit. see beginning of section 010-018 for codes and definitions.

016.0 Kidney


Renal tuberculosis

Use additional code to identify manifestation, as:


nephropathy (583.81)

pyelitis (590.81)

pyelonephritis (590.81)

016.1 Bladder


016.2 Ureter


016.3 Other urinary organs


016.4 Epididymis


016.5 Other male genital organs


Use additional code to identify manifestation, as:

tuberculosis of:

prostate (601.4)

seminal vesicle (608.81)

testis (608.81)

016.6 Tuberculous oophoritis and salpingitis


016.7 Other female genital organs





016.9 Genitourinary tuberculosis, unspecified


017 Tuberculosis of other organs

Requires fifth digit. see beginning of section 010-018 for codes and definitions.

017.0 Skin and subcutaneous cellular tissue











verrucosa cutis

Excludes: lupus erythematosus (695.4)

disseminated (710.0)

lupus NOS (710.0)

nonspecific reaction to test for tuberculosis without active tuberculosis (795.51-795.52)

positive PPD (795.51)

positive tuberculin skin test without active tuberculosis (795.51)

017.1 Erythema nodosum with hypersensitivity reaction in tuberculosis


Bazin's disease



nodosum, tuberculous

Tuberculosis indurativa

Excludes: erythema nodosum NOS (695.2)

017.2 Peripheral lymph nodes



Scrofulous abscess

Tuberculous adenitis

Excludes: tuberculosis of lymph nodes:

bronchial and mediastinal (012.1)

mesenteric and retroperitoneal (014.8)

tuberculous tracheobronchial adenopathy (012.1)

017.3 Eye


Use additional code to identify manifestation, as:


episcleritis (379.09)

interstitial keratitis (370.59)

iridocyclitis, chronic (364.11)

keratoconjunctivitis (phlyctenular) (370.31)

017.4 Ear


Tuberculosis of ear

Tuberculous otitis media

Excludes: tuberculous mastoiditis (015.6)

017.5 Thyroid gland


017.6 Adrenal glands


Addison's disease, tuberculous

017.7 Spleen


017.8 Esophagus


017.9 Other specified organs


Use additional code to identify manifestation, as:

tuberculosis of:

endocardium [any valve] (424.91)

myocardium (422.0)

pericardium (420.0)

018 Miliary tuberculosis

Requires fifth digit. see beginning of section 010-018 for codes and definitions.

Includes: tuberculosis:



miliary, whether of a single specified site, multiple sites, or unspecified site


018.0 Acute miliary tuberculosis


018.8 Other specified miliary tuberculosis


018.9 Miliary tuberculosis, unspecified



020 Plague

Includes: infection by Yersinia [Pasteurella] pestis

020.0 Bubonic

020.1 Cellulocutaneous

020.2 Septicemic

020.3 Primary pneumonic

020.4 Secondary pneumonic

020.5 Pneumonic, unspecified

020.8 Other specified types of plague

Abortive plague

Ambulatory plague

Pestis minor

020.9 Plague, unspecified

021 Tularemia

Includes: deerfly fever

infection by Francisella [Pasteurella] tularensis

rabbit fever

021.0 Ulceroglandular tularemia

021.1 Enteric tularemia





021.2 Pulmonary tularemia

Bronchopneumonic tularemia

021.3 Oculoglandular tularemia

021.8 Other specified tularemia


generalized or disseminated


021.9 Unspecified tularemia

022 Anthrax

022.0 Cutaneous anthrax

Malignant pustule

022.1 Pulmonary anthrax

Respiratory anthrax

Wool-sorters' disease

022.2 Gastrointestinal anthrax

022.3 Anthrax septicemia

022.8 Other specified manifestations of anthrax

022.9 Anthrax, unspecified

023 Brucellosis

Includes: fever:




023.0 Brucella melitensis

023.1 Brucella abortus

023.2 Brucella suis

023.3 Brucella canis

023.8 Other brucellosis

Infection by more than one organism

023.9 Brucellosis, unspecified

024 Glanders

Infection by:

Actinobacillus mallei

Malleomyces mallei

Pseudomonas mallei



025 Melioidosis

Infection by:

Malleomyces pseudomallei

Pseudomonas pseudomallei

Whitmore's bacillus


026 Rat-bite fever

026.0 Spirillary fever

Rat-bite fever due to Spirillum minor [S. minus]


026.1 Streptobacillary fever

Epidemic arthritic erythema

Haverhill fever

Rat-bite fever due to Streptobacillus moniliformis

026.9 Unspecified rat-bite fever

027 Other zoonotic bacterial diseases

027.0 Listeriosis

Infection by Listeria monocytogenes

Septicemia by Listeria monocytogenes

Use additional code to identify manifestations, as meningitis (320.7)

Excludes: congenital listeriosis (771.2)

027.1 Erysipelothrix infection

Erysipeloid (of Rosenbach)

Infection by Erysipelothrix insidiosa [E. rhusiopathiae]

Septicemia by Erysipelothrix insidiosa [E. rhusiopathiae]

027.2 Pasteurellosis

Pasteurella pseudotuberculosis infection by Pasteurella multocida [P. septica]

Mesenteric adenitis by Pasteurella multocida [P. septica]

Septic infection (cat bite) (dog bite) by Pasteurella multocida [P. septica]

Excludes: infection by:

Francisella [Pasteurella] tularensis (021.0-021.9)

Yersinia [Pasteurella] pestis (020.0-020.9)

027.8 Other specified zoonotic bacterial diseases

027.9 Unspecified zoonotic bacterial disease


Excludes: bacterial venereal diseases (098.0-099.9)

bartonellosis (088.0)

030 Leprosy

Includes: Hansen's disease

infection by Mycobacterium leprae

030.0 Lepromatous [type L]

Lepromatous leprosy (macular) (diffuse) (infiltrated) (nodular) (neuritic)

030.1 Tuberculoid [type T]

Tuberculoid leprosy (macular) (maculoanesthetic) (major) (minor) (neuritic)

030.2 Indeterminate [group I]

Indeterminate [uncharacteristic] leprosy (macular) (neuritic)

030.3 Borderline [group B]

Borderline or dimorphous leprosy (infiltrated) (neuritic)

030.8 Other specified leprosy

030.9 Leprosy, unspecified

031 Diseases due to other mycobacteria

031.0 Pulmonary

Infection by Mycobacterium:


intracellulare [Battey bacillus]


Battey disease

031.1 Cutaneous

Buruli ulcer

Infection by Mycobacterium:

marinum [M. balnei]


031.2 Disseminated

Disseminated mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex (DMAC)

Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex (MAC) bacteremia

031.8 Other specified mycobacterial diseases

031.9 Unspecified diseases due to mycobacteria

Atypical mycobacterium infection NOS

032 Diphtheria

Includes: infection by Corynebacterium diphtheriae

032.0 Faucial diphtheria

Membranous angina, diphtheritic

032.1 Nasopharyngeal diphtheria

032.2 Anterior nasal diphtheria

032.3 Laryngeal diphtheria

Laryngotracheitis, diphtheritic

032.8 Other specified diphtheria

032.81 Conjunctival diphtheria

Pseudomembranous diphtheritic conjunctivitis

032.82 Diphtheritic myocarditis

032.83 Diphtheritic peritonitis

032.84 Diphtheritic cystitis

032.85 Cutaneous diphtheria

032.89 Other

032.9 Diphtheria, unspecified

033 Whooping cough

Includes: pertussis

Use additional code to identify any associated pneumonia (484.3)

033.0 Bordetella pertussis [B. pertussis]

033.1 Bordetella parapertussis [B. parapertussis]

033.8 Whooping cough due to other specified organism

Bordetella bronchiseptica [B. bronchiseptica]

033.9 Whooping cough, unspecified organism

034 Streptococcal sore throat and scarlet fever

034.0 Streptococcal sore throat



sore throat






034.1 Scarlet fever


Excludes: parascarlatina (057.8)

035 Erysipelas

Excludes: postpartum or puerperal erysipelas (670.8)

036 Meningococcal infection

036.0 Meningococcal meningitis

Cerebrospinal fever (meningococcal)




036.1 Meningococcal encephalitis

036.2 Meningococcemia

Meningococcal septicemia

036.3 Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome, meningococcal

Meningococcal hemorrhagic adrenalitis

Meningococcic adrenal syndrome

Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome NOS

036.4 Meningococcal carditis

036.40 Meningococcal carditis, unspecified

036.41 Meningococcal pericarditis

036.42 Meningococcal endocarditis

036.43 Meningococcal myocarditis

036.8 Other specified meningococcal infections

036.81 Meningococcal optic neuritis

036.82 Meningococcal arthropathy

036.89 Other

036.9 Meningococcal infection, unspecified

Meningococcal infection NOS

037 Tetanus

Excludes: tetanus:


abortion (634-638 with.0, 639.0)

ectopic or molar pregnancy (639.0)

neonatorum (771.3)

puerperal (670.8)

038 Septicemia

Use additional code for systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) (995.91-995.92)

Excludes: bacteremia (790.7)

septicemia (sepsis) of newborn (771.81)

038.0 Streptococcal septicemia

038.1 Staphylococcal septicemia

038.10 Staphylococcal septicemia, unspecified

038.11 Methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus septicemia

MSSA septicemia

Staphylococcus aureus septicemia NOS

038.12 Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus septicemia

038.19 Other staphylococcal septicemia

038.2 Pneumococcal septicemia [Streptococcus pneumoniae septicemia]

038.3 Septicemia due to anaerobes

Septicemia due to bacteroides

Excludes: gas gangrene (040.0)

that due to anaerobic streptococci (038.0)

038.4 Septicemia due to other gram-negative organisms

038.40 Gram-negative organism, unspecified

Gram-negative septicemia NOS

038.41 Hemophilus influenzae [H. influenzae]

038.42 Escherichia coli [E. coli]

038.43 Pseudomonas

038.44 Serratia

038.49 Other

038.8 Other specified septicemias

Excludes: septicemia (due to):

anthrax (022.3)

gonococcal (098.89)

herpetic (054.5)

meningococcal (036.2)

septicemic plague (020.2)

038.9 Unspecified septicemia

Septicemia NOS

Excludes: bacteremia NOS (790.7)

039 Actinomycotic infections

Includes: actinomycotic mycetoma

infection by Actinomycetales, such as species of Actinomyces, Actinomadura, Nocardia, Streptomyces

maduromycosis (actinomycotic)

schizomycetoma (actinomycotic)

039.0 Cutaneous


Trichomycosis axillaris

039.1 Pulmonary

Thoracic actinomycosis

039.2 Abdominal

039.3 Cervicofacial

039.4 Madura foot

Excludes: madura foot due to mycotic infection (117.4)

039.8 Of other specified sites

039.9 Of unspecified site

Actinomycosis NOS

Maduromycosis NOS

Nocardiosis NOS

040 Other bacterial diseases

Excludes: bacteremia NOS (790.7)

bacterial infection NOS (041.9)

040.0 Gas gangrene

Gas bacillus infection or gangrene

Infection by Clostridium:



perfringens [welchii]



Malignant edema

Myonecrosis, clostridial

Myositis, clostridial

040.1 Rhinoscleroma

040.2 Whipple's disease

Intestinal lipodystrophy

040.3 Necrobacillosis

040.4 Other specified botulism

Non-foodborne intoxication due to toxins of Clostridium botulinum [C. botulinum]

Excludes: botulism NOS (005.1)

food poisoning due to toxins of Clostridium botulinum (005.1)

040.41 Infant botulism

040.42 Wound botulism

Non-foodborne botulism NOS

Use additional code to identify complicated open wound

040.8 Other specified bacterial diseases

040.81 Tropical pyomyositis

040.82 Toxic shock syndrome

Use additional code to identify the organism

040.89 Other

041 Bacterial infection in conditions classified elsewhere and of unspecified site

Note: This category is provided to be used as an additional code to identify the bacterial agent in diseases classified elsewhere. This category will also be used to classify bacterial infections of unspecified nature or site.

Excludes: septicemia (038.0-038.9)

041.0 Streptococcus

041.00 Streptococcus, unspecified

041.01 Group A

041.02 Group B

041.03 Group C

041.04 Group D [Enterococcus]

041.05 Group G

041.09 Other Streptococcus

041.1 Staphylococcus

041.10 Staphylococcus, unspecified

041.11 Methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus aureus


Staphylococcus aureus NOS

041.12 Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

041.19 Other Staphylococcus

041.2 Pneumococcus

041.3 Klebsiella pneumoniae

041.4 Escherichia coli [E.coli]

041.41 Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli [E. coli] (STEC) O157

E. coli O157:H- (nonmotile) with confirmation of Shiga toxin

E. coli O157 with confirmation of Shiga toxin when H antigen is unknown, or is not H7

O157:H7 Escherichia coli [E.coli] with or without confirmation of Shiga toxin-production

Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli [E.coli] O157:H7 with or without confirmation of Shiga toxin-production

STEC O157:H7 with or without confirmation of Shiga toxin-production

041.42 Other specified Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli [E. coli] (STEC)

Non-O157 Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli [E.coli]

Non-O157 Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli [E.coli] with known O group

041.43 Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli [E. coli] (STEC), unspecified

Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli [E. coli] with unspecified O group


041.49 Other and unspecified Escherichia coli [E. coli]

Escherichia coli [E. coli] NOS

Non-Shiga toxin-producing E. coli

041.5 Hemophilus influenzae [H. influenzae]

041.6 Proteus (mirabilis) (morganii)

041.7 Pseudomonas

041.8 Other specified bacterial infections

041.81 Mycoplasma

Eaton's agent

Pleuropneumonia-like organisms [PPLO]

041.82 Bacteroides fragilis

041.83 Clostridium perfringens

041.84 Other anaerobes

Gram-negative anaerobes

Excludes: Helicobacter pylori (041.86)

041.85 Other gram-negative organisms

Aerobacter aerogenes

Gram-negative bacteria NOS

Mima polymorpha


Excludes: gram-negative anaerobes (041.84)

041.86 Helicobacter pylori [H. pylori]

041.89 Other specified bacteria

041.9 Bacterial infection, unspecified

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