Child Abuse Council Board Meeting Minutes

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Child Abuse Council

Board Meeting



March 6, 2013

Health Department of NW MI

Petoskey, MI

8:30 a.m.

Attendees: Mary Hickman, Maggie Kromm, Mary Martinchek, Jim Rummer, Andrew Sahara, Sue Hoffman, Joelle Drader, Dana Stempky, Christine Carpenter, Deb Smith, and Bill Kanine.

Unable to attend: Corey Hebner, Kathy Reed, Karen Starkey, Maureen Hollocker, Heather Boening, Kathy Angela Lasher

Call to Order and Sign-in

Bill Kanine called the meeting to order.

Additions to Agenda


Approval of February 6, 2014 minutes

Andrew moved, seconded by Mary H. and approved by all, that the minutes of February 6, 2014 be approved. Motion passed.

Introduction of new members-Maggie

Joelle Drader-Wilcox-Licensed Counselor

Christine Carpenter-Clinical Social Worker

Treasurer's Report

Report reviewed. Major source of revenue is from CTF. Mary H. moved to approve report and Jim R. seconded. Approved by all.

Director's Report

  • In the News

  • HSCB updates

  • PAM

  • Spring Conference 2014

  • Other

In The News: Northern Michigan Autism Assn. to have monthly meetings-3rd Wed every month at 500 Madison St.; CMH funding-note from Director NCCMH; Tough Guise documentary 4/29/14 at 7 at NCMC; Raven Hill applying for funding to hold video production workshops over the summer;

HSCB-March: Pellston Airport Manager presented info re: dollars brought into community; March 19 is Project Connect and Maggie will help with child ID; Northern Community Mediation Theatre party March 10 5:307; Community Free Clinic Flyer; March Madness March 22 1-4 at Petoskey Middle School: activities for families with children 1-12 y.o.; VA flyers; Great Start taking applications for next Fall preschool; PAM-winners announced Emmet-March 22 and Charlevoix-March 26.

Spring Conference 2014: Jim R. to pick up Keynote Speaker (Pat S.) from Pellston on 4/24 @1:10 p.m. Set up is 4/24 at 5:30 at NCMC.

Roundtable / Announcements

Sue: new contracts with courts; Deb: reviewed Tough Guise info and show times-rated for mature audiences and is free; March 17 fundraiser at Whitecaps 5:30-9 with silent and live auction-$10 cover charge; Joelle: exploring need for PP adjustment group; Dana: DHS update: Affordable Care Act; Kiosks in lobby to help clients with application process; new computer system 4/21/14; reviewed new CPS process; Christine: Hestia Grants update; Mary M.: Reviewed Healthy Michigan Plan; Mary H.: Reviewed Court programs; Emmet considering a future Family Court; Andrew: Collaborating with U of M with MC3 program-allows for Psychiatric consultation with U of M psychiatrists (telepsychiatry session)-Medicaid eligible clients; Dr. Colfer will begin working in Boyne Area Medical Center 4 hr./week; Affordable Care Act reviewed funding issues and decrease in General Funds (45% of funding CMH expected); Sliding fee schedule will be affected.


Mary M. moved, seconded by Sue H., that the meeting be adjourned at 9:40am.

Next meeting is April 10, 2014 8:30 at Health Dept. NW Michigan. Deb Smith agreed to take minutes in Mary M.’s absence.

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