Chapter 1 The King George Conspiracy and Federal Secrets

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Chapter 11 A New Maid

A New Maid

Liz was the first applicant to apply for a maid job at our home. Our home was so large with white marble floors 2 large spiral staircases and a huge upstairs and down stairs. Too much for one married woman to clean by herself. And our back yard was enormous, with several gardens.

When I first saw Liz she came to the door and I let her in. She said she was her to apply for the Job. I showed her our home. My mother and father were not home yet, so I took it upon myself to dance her around. I felt a connection with her, little did I know she was a Gotti family relative casing our family. She was nice to me at this time and I told her I could get her the job. She said really, she would really appreciate it. I said yes. That my mother would hire her, if I asked her to do so. Then my mother came home. She apologized for being late. I told her it was alright that I showed her the house. I told my mother she was nice, and asked her to hire her. Without further due, my mother said ok you are hired.

Liz may have been the woman that I met when I ran away from home and applied for a job at Robin Williams book shop in London. I was hired by Robin and told him that my father passed away and that I didn't' know where my mother lived. He allowed me to stay above his book store in a unit that hey had. A few weeks later I told Robin that my mother was the Queen, which he didn't believe at first, then he took me home. I believe I met Liz here first, and because they were desperate for money told her she might get hired as a maid for us. (I suspect that the Williams and The Bushes may know each other and may be involved together as Mafia/CIA in a world take over)

Liz lit up and was shocked. But I was not. My mother and I were close and my mother loved me very much and I loved her as well. She was very nice to me always very generous and doing things for me and letting me have my way. We spent a lot of time together until she got sick and passed. Things were quite sudden and I turned to her and smiled and told her I told you so. I kept reminding her that I got her the job. I could tell after a while she was tired of hearing that. I knew my mother was Queen and I should of let her, handle everything, including hiring the help. I put my family at risk, they lost their lives because of my stupidity of letting Liz Gotti into our home.

My mother was impersonated by the Queen Elizabeth the second who currently is the queen in London. She is not nice to me as my mother was, and not generous to me. In fact, she is quite dry and is nothing like my mother was who was peppy and very nice, and sweet. This woman is sour. She told me in 1988 DEC 21 when I went to see her to never come back or to come unannounced as I did. She gave the Rize Diamond back to me, which is a 247 ct diamond I stole from a tomb in Africa that I gave to England when I was prince. The FBI stole it from me when I returned to LA after they tried to blow me up in Scotland on pan am 103. Yes I was on this flight and 1 of 4 passengers that survived. But the Mafia liquidated the entire airline adding their own list to the passengers and they also took the insurance money. Once again Mafia and CIA, stealing. I talk much more about Pan am 103 and the Rize Diamond in another chapter.

My mother began to get sick, and was bed ridden. My father sort of suspected that I was angry with my mother and was poisoning her. He told me to never go near the gardening area where there were pesticides and insecticides, that would harm her. She was sick for weeks with her condition getting worse. My father and I feared that she could die. We began to get very protective of her. I started to feel that Liz was responsible and started to spy on her. I noticed her telephone activity and caught her on the phone a few times and told her she was not allowed to use the phone. She responded suspiciously and I was definitely not liking her. In fact I didn't like her the day after she was hired, this is one why I reminded her that I got her the job. Now I feel stupid for hiring the first person, instead of allowing the other applicants to get a chance. Two others had arrived to apply for the job and were waiting when Liz was hired. One was an older woman, she never got a chance.

Liz was caught with another woman handing poison to each other in the garden area behind our home with my father and I. He was very upset told her she was fired. For a moment I felt we were going to prevail and get better, that we were going to win over this family trauma we were going through. I felt a bit proud and stood behind my father supporting him. He stood proud and spoke strong and told Liz to get the Hell out. Damn her. He was pissed off.

Liz took the poison and ran inside the house with the other woman and barricaded the door. She said, I am going to kill your wife and finish her off right now. I was scared. She had balls for saying such, by herself. Of course she had the John Gotti, the Italian mafia, Mark Fustine (AKA Mark Ferguson, Frank Family, Frank Gotti, Danny Thompson, Mark Townsend, Saunders Family, Lawrence Fishbone or burn, Aka the Uncle of Scott Fustine, the Son of the Late Peter Gotti, or Al and Icky Fustine from Ridge way Penn, A Thompson Related to Angel Thompson, Frank Butler and Beth Thompson, Also Head of the IRA and Mafia, and In the CIA, Was Close to Nixon, and majorly responsibly for killing my family, Also lost his son in 73 Deseray school shooting. Probably was not his son) behind her. My father said to go to the Tool Shack and right outside the tool shack on the ground in and ax, bring it to him. I ran to look for it but did not find it where he said it was. He went to get it and it was right where he said it was. I guess I was too upset to see it.

He started to break down the door. I understand the Liz must of called the Old White Haired man with a beard and mustache to come over and help. Because he came running around the corner from the front and attacked him. My father had the ax above his head, but didn't want to kill him and didn't understand the danger we were in. I am sure he had no idea that our family had been cased by the mafia, more than one and the CIA for a take over. We were a key ingredient for world take over, and these Mafias need not only our military, government, but our money. He resisted attacking or striking him. Tired from trying to tear down the door, the old man hit him in the stomach 2 times, then my father was hurt and dropped the ax. He fell down to his knees and the old man hit him a couple more times and kicked him. For a moment I felt we were going to win, and I felt my father would win this fight, but he did not, and he had a heart attack. I was shocked by everything and felt to small to help. For a moment I felt I wanted to grab the ax and kill this man. My father died her. He was Murdered, by the man who impersonated John England.

The same man who took me to Hawaii with Liz, to dispose of me. He took me far away from London. He had me hypnotized by the magic castle with a phrase " Walk a straight Line" When someone said this to me I would snap into a trance and walk a straight line. It was his intention to get me to walk the plank off a boat off the coast of Waikiki in the middle of the ocean. Or to drop me off and bail out on Maui or another Island. As a young child I would never of been able to find my home. Instead he fell asleep for 5 hours and we ran out of gas in the middle of the ocean. We were stranded on Gilligans island and that Sid come was made after I was rescued. Yes I am the real Gilligans. Just me and the Old Man. No one else but I was forced to say there were other people like Mark Fustine AKA Frank Gotti. Mary Parker and others.

You see The old man, who at this time hypnotized me into believing he was my father was pissed at me for allowing the boat to run out of gas, It started to rain, a big storm and currants took our boat to this island and beached us. We jumped off taking cover underneath a banana tree. The entire story is another chapter, but in short I was forced to leave the island because he was my enemy. His intentions were to kill me or have me jump off a boat by myself, killing myself or abandoning me. Otherwise Liz would of came with us on the boat, if it were a friendly trip. There was no father son or any talk on the boat. He slept till the crisis.

I built a floatation device and headed out to sea to get away, and to get help. I wish I had my previous memories of him killing my father at the time, I would of left him there. I was never able to feel, or have the special story of Gilligans Island as something special in my life because the mafia, AKA Frank took it away from me.
I fisherman picked me up in the ocean, by the luck of God. And asked me what was I am doing out there. I told him that our boat ran out of gas, and a storm stranded and beached us on this island. We started too look for it for about an hour. But he didn't have enough gas to continue the search. He asked were did I originally stay at. I told him all I remember was a bunch of buildings near the beach. This took us to wakiki. Coast guard got my story and started to search for my fraudulent father for weeks they looked then they found it.

The old Hawaii Five O Hotel called Ilikai, was nice enough to allowed me as a stranded young boy to stay here until I was rescued or were able to find my guardians or family murders. Here I met a director/producer who produced the Gilligans Island based on my story.

Liz after waiting days, weeks for us to return must of felt that we die at see. Who knows what was going through her head. I was just a couple hotels down from her but was unable to know where we were staying at. After 2 days I was able to recall a landmark WW 2 Tank that was along side the Outrigger Reef Hotel in Waikiki on a strand leading to the beach. When I was able to recall this Vehicle that was land marked I told the Hotel manager and he walked me down to see it and I said yes that's it and this is the hotel we were staying at. He then went inside and was able to Locate Liz and told her what happen. By then she had already contacted the mafia, Frank Aka MARK and he was in Hawaii. And as soon as he got a chance he came upon me and made me say that he was with us on the boat and island.

It was a lie, forced upon me by either the Mafia or CIA. But its clear that his presence in Hawaii Connects Liz with the Mafia with the assassination of my Mother and Father the real Queen and King. You see, we were gone weeks 2 weeks I presume. Enough that Liz would of thought were dead and thus called her Mafia affiliates. With Frank in Hawaii, and telling me to say he was one of the stranded members this only tells me that he is mafia. But of course he asked me to say there were others, like Mary. Maybe he is CIA and it is a CIA American take over by the American Government. I know they are taking over the world.

They surely took every cent I was to inherit from the Gilligans Island event. In fact when they money was due to me. John Gotti approached me in Florida and told me to give him all the money or I would die. Without any words from me. He did just that, his own crew either impersonated me and his bankers took my money.

But to further bring the facts together we are able to fully understand that the CIA/Mafia are one and their directive is to take over the world and take people/celebrities money. They need money for their secret operations that are off the books and out of the view of the public. For me I Gilligans Island money was stolen by Mark/Frank and John Gotti. Same team.

And later when this old man/ John England murder and impersonator. The same man I was stranded with on the island and the same man who worked with Liz. Let's call him John for now. He charged me at our LA home and I grabbed the weapon. His body weight brought the weapon into his stomach, killing him in self defense. In front of Liz. He got his. Karma. I gave my statement to the Police/CIA and George Sr Bush, relocated me to another home down the way. The Brandos.

The Brandos were assassinated. They struck oil, like the Beverly Hillbillies, same story. Seems they make movies either to cover their Ass or other reasons. The Bushes inherited their money after they were all killed. The Sheppard's as in Matthew Sheppard. He is the relative from this family. I sure know a lot about mafia activity. In short. The money from John England my father King. was Supposed to go to me. But CIA and Mafia had other intentions

Like to hypnotize me and send me to Prison for life for a murder I didn't commit. To send me to jail under a different name was their directive and they took over my money, Kingdom and government and the Royal family. They got away with Trillions here. I lost my family, they were murdered. The money from John England was taken over by the Gotti family / AKA Mark Ferguson/Townsend/Frank Gotti, the same man who asked me to say there were others stranded on the island with me. So he could steal all the money as he did.

I found later and earlier that he is part of a cult. The Manson family, Satin worshipers. This man also lived off Box Canyon, near Charlie Manson in Chatsworth in the early 70's. I was the one who told on Charlie Manson in 74 that got him busted. Also Robin and Pat, Eastwood, and their children Austin Matthew. Are part of this cult/ The Manson's, in fact Robin has children with Charlie 4 of them one named Danielle. They also hold church/ cult gatherings at Chatsworth high school Sunday.

They are located in Goshen. The Pedigo Ranch, The Youngblood. Shirley Thomas and Frank Pedigo and Allison Youngblood, Brian Patrick Youngblood. They are off the 99 freeway in Goshen on Kamp ave. They are part of a cult and they steal children and hold a farm of them here. They kidnapped me 2 times and took me here and I witnessed Frank shot a boy in attempts to jail me for murder. The killed 10 people, which are stated throughout my book and this story of my life, all in attempts to jail me for murder. With all this money they were able to Chip me with digital angel and wire me.

I know these two other women, Lori Thompson, Mandi Blair Jennifer Babi who came upon me with the idea I was to marry here. I met her through of course Mark/Frank Gotti and they planned on me to marry her then assassinate me so she could take the money. They used a plastic surgeon named Christopher Johnson who is black to do some work on this guy to make him look like me so he could take the money. Also Scott and Jon Fustine, were used to take the money. They are the mob members I talk about that I met at school that took all the kids lunch money. Jon shot the principal with John England's gun.He got the gun from me when he told me that they killed my mother and beat me up. I went home and got the old mans gun and went to look for them and hunt them down. I found them, pulled the gun but was unable to shoot Scott and Jon. Then Jon walked slowly to me and took the gun than said now run away. he took the gun to school the next day. I told the principle about them roughing up and stealing a boy money in the bathroom and I said I would when I talked to the victimized boy. I told him I would stick up for him and I did so. I was caught by Jon coming out of the principle office and he knew I told. They told me not to tell and I said I would not if they would stop beating me up and would leave me alone. I told the principle also not to call Jon in or tell them or punish them for what I told them and he said he would not. as soon as I left his office, Jon who was standing in front of mine and his locker and in front of the principles office door was called in to his office the bell rang and was in class, the next thing we heard was a gun shot as Jon was being suspended he shot the principle I was saved by the bell but The gun was put in my locker, but the teacher saw me in my chair when he came into the classroom and it was determined that I could not have shot the principal. In fact I told the principal about what Scott and Jon were doing to the kids because they did it to me and another kid in the bathroom and I jumped on the toilet and witnessed them do it. I tell this story and how it relates to my life in the chapter saved by the bell.

Chapter 12 Save By The Bell

The King George Conspiracy Bio-logical (in vitro fertilization father) of Hayden Panettiere, Christina Aguilera, Corey Feldman, Austin Matthew England, Hilary Duff, Tracy Hayworth, Crystal Hayworth, Savannah, Hayworth, and Samantha Hayworth

When my father King George died, his brother King John Charles England of Germany and Mary Adelaide my mother raised me. John England had no children so when he died I became the King of England. I know that the group of people who stole my family trust and kept me poor 40 years have used Scott Angelo Fustine and Christopher Edward Saunders as imposters to fool the German people into believing they were King of England.

It began when Scott and Jon and their family stalked me. I went to and elementary school and they were enrolled too soon after. I was living with my uncle John because my mother was mad at me for causing trouble at her High School Jefferson High. Scott Angelo Fustine who changed his last letter of his name to I and Jonathan Martin Fustine are the kids in question. They must of been poor because they took kids lunch money in the bathroom and would bully them and terrorize them. Beat them up. Beat me up. One day I took John Englands gun out of the house to hunt them down, and get them. Jon had told me that he killed my mother and I believed him. When I found them and approached them with the gun I found myself unable to follow through. Jon approached me and said you are not going to shoot anyone and took the gun away from me.

The next day I went and told the principle of the school. When leaving his office Jon was outside his office since our lockers shared the same wall and he was called in. He shot the principle with my uncle Jons gun then put the gun in my locker. He was going to get suspended and he killed the principle. I fortunately was in my class room near by and in my seat when the bell rang and the teacher walked in. So when I was questioned I of course could not be the shooter. But the people who questioned us would not allow me to talk to them alone, instead I was in front of Scott and Jon.

Then this family followed me to the United States. They followed me around. Later on during the Late 60's early 70's John England and I got in a fight. We were either in Texas or California. He died when he and I were fighting. It was an accident. Following his death. Mark Fustine and Chris Fustine and the Fustine family took over my Uncles money and became the executor of his will and trust. Mark who said he was in the Mafia told me to walk away. He had taken me to several other countries to fool the world into thinking we were friends. He said he was Mafia in Australia on a train ride and told me go and get wired. He put me on mind control and took me to a place in Glendale California where the surgery was done. This was around the late 60's and it was before 1973. I was also hypnotized and then he got this woman named Syndi Martin to take care of me.

I did not know who I was, nor my name. They fooled me into believing I was named Matthew when if fact my name was George but sometimes I was called Charles. This woman enrolled me into the first grade in Hermosa Beach at 1st street elementary school in 1977. I then began to go through elementary school. In 1978 she moved from Hermosa Beach to Redondo Beach after she murdered the Thompson Twins after throwing them off the balcony next door and tried to blame on me.

In Redondo Beach she was never there. Scott and Jon who were in their early teens and me in my 30's but hypnotized into believing I was younger than them. I had to steal groceries from Lucky's on Artesian to feed us and our dog. We lived at 1707 Rindge Lane. In 1979 I broke my leg and was in a body cast for another Year.

In the late 80's my eyes crossed because of faulty surgery of theirs on my eyes and they wanted to upgrade. I had another eye surgery at South Bay Hospital Oct 31 1980. I lost my right eye and became legally blind because of their implants. She moved to Reseda I went to second grade at Reseda Elementary. This woman masqueraded as my mother when in fact my mother was Mary Adelaide from Black Water England. I was in fact taken hostage. Syndi Martin was John Gotti's lover and I over heard John Gotti telling her to take care of me, with Scott and Jon.

Mean While Mark Fustine and Chris Fustine and The Ferguson's and the Ripkin family, Cheryl or Sheryl Johnson or Jackson, and Kate Jackson's son from the Partridge Family, Mike Staggerton, Dana, Cherise Kramer,Peggy Sue, and Jackie Glenn, and Mim Parker and Lynne Rose Redgrave, Chris and Kathy Saunders and Frank Butler, Stephe or Stephanie Marshall, Joel Marshall, Penny Marshall, Angel, Beth, Kimberly, and Linda Thompson all conspired to take over my family trust, the King George Trust. They are Thieves. Further more I have filed a Civil Case at Santa Monica Superior Court Case number SC 097500 set for 7/7/08. I had her served more than once and have mailed her summons and I have been back repeatedly and she is hiding and trying to run. She is avoiding the summons and I have proof on video and in photos that I served her.

After the trust went into my name. At gun point they made me sign papers. Then they went into hiding. Jon rapped my sister Sharon. And Chris Saunders is saying he is her brother. They faked my death. I have no idea where these people are. I know many of the houses, hotels and restaurants I owned and business went into a fall, and foreclosure. They are have bankrupted some of our family business. But as I understand we are worth more than a Quadrillion dollars.
Scott Angelo Fustine was said to have joined the USAF and does contracts. Are they taking my money and doing military contracts with it? Who will help me? Who will contact my mother Mary Adelaide from Black Water England and let her know where I am at?

In 2007 the hypnosis came apart. As soon as my suspicion started thinking I could be older than I am I got all my memories back slowly. I am starting to find out who these people are and I am reporting them to the Police, MI 16, MI 15, Scotland Yard and the Police and the FBI and the News and I am even going door to door. For years these people have been hiding and controlling my life by introducing their own people into my life as friends. They all know who I am and what's going on, but since I am on mind control it is difficult for me to get the word out about this conspiracy and stop it. I am the King and I am treated like a fool in the United States and tortured by these people. They are one step ahead of me because I am on mind control. I hear them talking because of a feed back loop and I hear them saying this is too secretive and too scary. I hear Mr. Ferguson saying that they have suckered and lied to my family. My son Corey Feldman and my daughter Christina Aguilera I have not seen in years because they hypnotized me and I forgot about them. Also they are lying to them. They are taking my children away from me to say the least and have left me poor. For years they have been in control of my families trust now they are finding a way to take the fortune into their families name. The Saunders, or The Ferguson's or the Townsend's name. Thompson's also

Now let me tell you a few things I do know about some of the things I owned. David Taylor owns 5 houses that I owned. They said I still own some houses. They said I own the Villa Bonita Apt's on Hill Crest rd in Hollywood Heights 90068, but of course I expect they will try to sell as many things as possible to their own people like David Taylor and others or try to sell so I can't find them or it will be too late. They said I own San Gabriel Retirement Villa. I expect they will sell that too. They gave away properties and business's away to people. They will try to say that I gave it away but in fact I am poor and have been hypnotized into believing I am a different person. They may even have video tapes or audio tapes or contracts that have been forged. They have other people that have had plastic surgery that have went around masquerading as me giving things away. The longer this conspiracy goes on the more money they consume. I owned the Beverly Hills Hotel, What happened to that. They sold properties I had and paid people to leave so they could build Dodger Stadium. Mike Ryan was one person who rented from me. He received the house straight out and got 50,000 to leave. I didn't sign anything. In fact I have not signed a single thing. Nor gave anything away. The actors Studio had possession of a few houses and also, they had to move so Dodger Stadium could be built. Also the 134, and 2 freeway. The Beverly Center and the Food Court at the Beverly Center. They spent my money on LAX and the Food Court there. I opened a club in Santa Monica called Club Tigerheat which still exists today, but it was taken away from me by them. For years it was held at the Athletic club on Sunset which I was said to have owned too. What happened to that. Also the Chateau Marymount Hotel on sunset. And I owned a house behind it which David La Chappele got. You see they have given houses away to their own people. Putting their own people into movies and promoting their success.

Tiffany and Patricia Patterson also known as New York 2 got over 250,000 free money. For What? Who gave it to them? Bret Michael's got a house. For What. Gene Simmons from Kiss also got money. John Candy got 3 house and a movie called Space Balls. Space Balls gave other members or friends of this circle an opportunity to become famous or get work, like Charlie Eulo. My money backed many TV shows like Star Trek, Threes Company and Cheers, Night Rider. Speaking of Cheers. My money went into Charles Productions which was me but not these two guys or twins named Charles took it over why? Also Movies like Terminator 2, Greese, War Games, and many more movies.

Celebrities like Patrick Swayzee, Keanu Reeves, Molly Ringwald, and many more were given money and a roll in a movie. When they took over, they took over the production studios I owned like CBS, NBC and other Studios.

Joel Marshall, Stephe Marshall's brother got a post production company called Atomic Films on Ivar, He also got the space and a House on Mound Ave, Mim Parker got a couple houses too, Mark Fustine got tons of houses and hotels and True Value hardware stores, Rampage. He started liquidating lots of things and started developing. He took over many properties that my father and uncle owned then destroyed the home then built a strong hold of a home and a bomb shelter that connects to Los Angeles Secret Base. Down underneath some of the Residences that I owned exists the most state of the art computers and secret personal who work them. They have wired my Kids and other Celebrities that they spy on and they don't even know it. Like Corey Feldman, and Christina Aguilera. Cindy Lauper got a House in Dubai that the prince gave me. Madonna got money to back her first album,

In Hawaii, Maui I had owned several houses and apt buildings that Mark Fustine had destroyed and he built his own buildings. I also owned houses on the beach of course they are their summer homes they use to get away. In New Zealand I own house. Chris Saunders and the entire group visit these luxury homes and castles. Of course I have not been to them since my Uncle or Father took me. In Paris and New York City I had homes and now Robin O'Hara from Forensic Films now occupies. In Montana I had beautiful houses on this cliff, now Chris Fustine or Mr Ferguson who is actually John Jr Gotti now owns. Mark Fustine is actually Frank Gotti and they are from Ridgeway Penn. In Ridgeway Penn they took this entire neighborhood of slums and built homes for all these people. Housing projects and gave away free homes so that the entire neighborhood would love the Fustine's. In Ridgeway Penn, the entire city knows the Fustine's. They have taken my money and are giving it away to buy friends and allies. In Los Angeles, they gave money to the Sheriffs dept to build the west Hollywood sheriff dept, twin towers and in Rancho Cacumanga they built a police station. In Van Nuys I owned a drive in Movie theater which now is Van Nuys Airport. I owned gold mines do you know what they did. The officially closed the mines, then re opened them so that their own people could stake their own claims. Yes once officially closed people can stake their own claims. Then with new technology and machines they were able to get down there and bring up 120 Billion in Gold. That's the truth. I owned a rail road above ground and they sold it then built it underground for their secret base. This is near the 10 freeway near Irwindale and parallel to the freeway. Harrison and Nicholes is a dirt transportation company which owns 59 semi trucks. They use these trucks to take dirt out of the hills so they can build their secret base. Home of Camero General Motors on Van Nuys I owned, also Budwiser, and KBIG radio Station and NBB. They put money into St Joseph Hospital which gave then and edge up and helped them get a name for me. This is how they were able to give me a name different than my true name. I also owned Forest lawn and Rose Hills mortuaries, What happened to them. Also Universal Studios and MCA and a hotel on the property. What happened to them. Its no secret that MCA corporation and Universal studios is run by the Mafia. Do they own it now, or is it still mine? I know that my money went to build buildings on the street walk there and the garage, why?

The Beaches. Santa Monica and Will Rogers Beach. They spent Billions on the beaches to save the beaches to look good. King Harbor Redondo Beach I owned too, what happened to that? This all needs to be investigated. Arrests need to be made. These Mafia people need to be in prison. I had no one to protect me once I was Kidnapped. They had me and it was easy to pull this off. They have been in control now for 40 years or so and I was tricked out of my families fortune. Who will help me. I have reported this to the News, the Police, Crime Lab, MI 5, MI 6, Scotland Yard, and Metropolitan Police. I can go on and on about the properties I owned or still do. Calvery Church got properties and money, Scientology got the Big Blue Buildings and the Celebrity Center and what else? I was said to have owned the Magic Castle, what happened to it. Where the Kodak Theater now is, I owned apt's and property over there too. Many buildings on Hollywood Blvd to. I have a whole separate list of address for the houses and hotels and business's I owned and will forward to the police soon. I wish I could afford private investigates, I wish I could trust the Police or FBI or CIA but they are involved. They gave house in Myrtle Beach to the CIA and Hawaii as resort homes. They made friends with law enforcement and some of them hide behind their own badge. They said I gave these house and gave them control, not true. I am poor for one, two they changed my true identity, three they are hiding and lying. For a Quadrillion dollars many will see greed over God and turn the other way as they have. Mike Staggerton is now with the FBI he knows these people, Jackie Glenn is a police officer, two of them have badges. The others are just married to the mob. I hear them all the time scared of getting caught, but Frank says were all in this together. I heard them the other day, talking about dividing my family fortune among them and how much they would get. We need to catch these people and stop them.

Let us not forget who I am. I am King George William Frederick Charles, also knows as Prince Charles there is two of them. They are trying to stop my blood line and take my blood line in their own family. They have stolen my sperm and produced Corey Feldman and Christina Aguilera. I was hypnotized I didn't know what I was doing. They controlled me. They also got Robin England and Austin Matthew to sue for 1/8 of my family trust. They are parting out my family fortune. Everyone is filthy rich but me. Why are they hiding? Its simple, they have stolen my family fortune and do not plan on giving me a single penny. I am the King of the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and Germany 6 countries and when the world find out about this secret I expect the worse for these people. They will be in books. I expect others such as yourself to write and investigate about this. This is the single most secretive secret ever in this world involving the most important King ever. I hope this secret unravels before I die. I would like to be rich in my lifetime. I would like the truth to be told. I would appreciate if you told this story to others you know and talk about this. We need to find all the answers and it should be a fun story to uncover. Thank You

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