Chapter 1 The King George Conspiracy and Federal Secrets

Chapter 8 Pan Am Flight 103

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Chapter 8 Pan Am Flight 103

The Rise Diamond and Pan Am 103 DEC 21 1988

This is King George William Frederick Charles the 7th. DEC 21.1988 I flew to London unannounced to see the Queen. I flew under the AKA name of my friend from High School, Christopher Edward Saunders. When I got to Buckingham Palace, I ran the bell and announced myself. I was invited in and I saw the Queen. I asked her if she wanted to shopping with me. She said no and that she was sick. She was not happy with my arrival and asked me not to come again. I was disappointed and asked her about the Rize diamond, a 247 ct diamond which is the worlds largest diamond. It was stolen from a tomb from Africa, maybe the country of Dufur. Scott and Jon Gotti and Syndi Martin and Mark Fustine help smuggled the diamond out of the country. Scott gave the diamond to me and I gave it to the Queen of England as a gift I had no idea it was stolen from Africa at all. I really didn't think much about it. It was maybe during the early 80's I am not sure when I gave it England.

(Alert The group of people that have taken over my family trust who hide behind a CIA badge, they put Christopher and Kathy Saunders on the Pan Am 103 List. They in fact were not on the flight and did not die. I heard recently that they may use Christopher Saunders to fool my family, including Sharon so that they could take the family trust into the Saunders name. My mother Mary Adelaide from Black Water England needs to be informed. They will also try to impersonate me, as they are holding me hostage in Los Angeles and have not sent me home. ) They will send imposters home if they do so and imposters as the German King for sure, because I am hostage in Los Angeles now .12/3/2007

The Queen had the diamond put in a museum where it was on display. I had visited the diamond once by force. A CIA member by the name of Mary Kristin Parker told me I had to go with her to the museum and help her. I had no idea her intentions were to steal it. And she did so.

After this diamond was stolen. Some how it got in the hands of the Vatican. and some time after. Mafia member Speare Charles Primpas, and Frank Butler and the CIA told me that had to help them steal it again. I asked why, they said if I did not the CIA would put me in jail. So I went to Venice Italy and there were three members in wet suits that went down in the water. They did not tell me anything about what this job was about or why they needed me. I guess if they got caught they would just tell them it was my diamond. Nevertheless they asked me to go to the gate where the guards were at and talk to them. They said there was going to be a blast and they didn't want them to hear it. I didn't want any part of it so I didn't follow through with what they wanted. All in the sudden a blast occurred and they got all alarmed and told me to go away.

After this happen a boat took off and they followed it. I understand they blew the safe out from a floor so the safe would fall in the water. There Matthew Frank Butler would be there to cut the hinges off with a blow torch while they chased a empty boat. It took like 3 minutes and he came up and gave me a suit case, and instructed me to give it to Speare Primpas who was waiting on the bridge with Mim Parker who at the time I felt she was my girl friend, little did I know she was involved and part of the CIA. She was being held at gun point.

Before I gave him the suitcase I opened it and saw the Rise diamond and a bunch of other diamonds many of them and very big. After I gave the suit case to the man, he took his gun out and shot it at me but missed. He dropped the case and Mim Parker and I ran and got away.

We returned to Los Angeles. Some how the Queen or England got the diamond back or a fake and Speare Charles Primpas kept the rest.
So when I came DEC 21,88 to see her and she said not to come again I asked what about the Diamond, she said I am going to give it back to you and instructed this man to go and get it. I waited 1/2 hour then he returned with the diamond and I left with it.
I then called Mark to get another flight out of London. Pan Am 103 crashed and he told me to go there in Scotland Lockerby for search and rescue. I met up with other agents and we started to search the crash.

I was the only one to find passengers still alive in a piece of the first class airplane which broke off when it hit a tree. There was this lady screaming about her baby, she was blinded by the crash and her baby was still in the seat. She said she was very cold, so I took my shoes and socks off my feet and put them on her feet since she had no shoes or socks. Then I took my Bennie cap off and put it around the baby.
A man was standing near by and I asked him where a drinking fountain was. It was like 2 AM in the Winter in Scotland and I was freezing. He pointed down this little road and said "Just walk a straight line" Hearing this hypnotic phrase that I was hypnotized to act like a monkey and remember the amazon jungle and living with the gorillas came to mind. I was confused. I had to wait like 2 hours for and ambulance. When I saw it a ran full throttle towards it and when the door opened I jumped in. I almost had frost bite on my feet.

Another lady approached and got in the ambulance and I demanded they take me to the airport and not the hospital. They did so. When we got the airport I gave them my story. I had believed I was on the plane myself when it went down and I lost my shoes because of the hypnosis and I told them this.

When I got to the United States I thought I was on Pan Am 103 and that the Rize Diamond saved my life. I gave my report to the FBI and told them about some of the Mafia stuff happening. They said they were going to report everyone dead and told me I have a free chance to walk away. They told I could not sue them. I bragged about the diamond which was a bad decision

The very next day the FBI came to my house in the Hollywood Hills and demanded I give them the Diamond, they threaten to tear the house down until they got it. So I gave it to them. They told me to come to the FBI head quarters on Wiltshire in westwood the next morning.

The next day I drove my new Porsche I bought just 3 weeks before brand new 944 turbo from Van Nuys Keys Dealer in the city of Van Nuys it was yellow. Also David Taylor drove his own car. We had a brief discussion with them and they basically said I will not get it back that it was not mine. I didn't argue because they threatened me. They invited me to stay and party with them. By surprise I didn't quite no what to expect from this, so I stayed for a moment. I went into this room where there was loud music and they gave me a drink. 5 minutes later 3 women came in there and started to dance. David did not want to stay and I didn't know how to dance so we left. I felt a bit sick so I asked if my car would be safe if I left it in the Lot. This agent followed me outside on the steps. Then I saw Mim Parker coming into the office. She Waved to me. On the way home I was so sick, David had to take me to Van Nuys Medical Center
I stayed at Van Nuys Medical Center for 3 weeks because I didn't know who I was, or my name. It was not until I heard a nurse mention David Taylor that sounded familiar and I made her aware of this. They called David on the phone to pick me up and he took me to his house.

They completely erased my brain, I forgot about the Car, the Diamond, Every going to London, Who I was. They had me as John Doe in the Hospital, but David said my name was matt so that stayed. whatever they gave me it was intentional.
I ask myself if the Diamond was real and what happen to the other diamonds. I have a feeling they went to Victor Mainland a diamond dealer that I Met through Mark. Wild Guess, Nevertheless I lost my Porsche, my diamond and so on

Also Pan Am 103 I used the name Christopher Saunders and I did research on the crash I noticed the name Christopher Saunders and Kathy Saunders on the list. Kathy is his sister but they did not go, they just added these names. I know the Saunders family is close to mark fustine so I think they faked his death to make them agents. In this case I feel they added 50 names to the list. They liquefied an entire airline, and paid their own people this money it went all to the CIA. Also they found 50 pounds of heroin. I was in Kenya once and when I returned to the USA I witnessed the CIA drop a few bags off the coast of Florida and a boat pick them up. All these CIA conspiracy theories are true. The CIA is the Mafia. And they screwed all the families that died on that plane.

I feel the Queen is an imposter, placed there by the Gotti family. I witnessed john Gotti throw the queen of the boat I was on, and then get Lynne rose Redgrave to cover for him. I would like to see the queen give some DNA. I believe they got john England to say I was his son, gave me fake name of Charles john England so that she could be come queen.

Everyone knows I am king, queen Mary had two sisters that were twins and I am a twin and come from a long line of twins. My twin brother is dead. And my families fortune was stolen

King George the 6th will have his blood line end with me if I am unable to have one more child which I will name King George the 8th. I must continue the blood line. They all lied to me, the CIA, the mafia played games with me. I didn't know who I was until I was 61 years old.

Now these Fustine's, Mark, Chris, Jon, Scott, Mim Parker Jackie Glenn, Cheryl Jackson, Mike Staggerton, The Ferguson's will try to kill me because I am demanding they return the stolen fortune to me. I also am emailing this information to news police across the world and they put me on mind control and I hear them say they will try to kill me. If I should die for any reason before I get rich, please follow all the info I left to help locate them. Also It is there intention to invest into LA and develop a secret Base which they already have in Los Angeles, This Must Be investigated, My death, these Families and everything that has happened to me. I am risking my life for God and for doing the right thing. One Man one king against an army. Please Help Me, They are torturing me, holding captive and have kidnapped me against my will holding me hostage in Los Angeles. I want to return home to London or the country I am king of and stay. I have no Identification or Birth certificate and I don't know how to get one or a pass port. I have no money. They also are controlling every aspect of my life and making it a point to make sure I cant escape. I wish someone could come here and get me or help me get my birth certificate from Paris or a passport so I can leave. maybe they could send an ambassador to get me. What can I do?

Chapter 9 Celebrity Party Houston Texas

The Celebrity Party in Houston. The 1/4 Billion dollar give away to each celebrity.
n 1989 the CIA, including Ben Novick invited over 100 Celebrities to a party in Houston. Celebrities like Chevy Chase, Lindsey Wagner, Shelly Long, Danny Divito, David Hassellhoff, Ted Danson, Martin Short and many other celebrities were invited to this party and then given 250 Million dollars each. Yes this is 100% percent correct. Benjamin Haskell Novick of the CIA gave each celebrity 1/4 of a billion dollars from my money. I was at the party but I spoke to nobody. I had no idea what they were doing. I had been reset and was unaware of what was going on. From what I understand now, the CIA said I gave them all this money.

The CIA will try to use this as an excuse saying I gave away all my money and properties. I could never give away all my money. The celebrity party above totaled to less than a Quarter Trillion dollars. I have 46 Quadrillion in a Swiss Band account. Number 1 on the CIA's list to try to take over and spend. Dick Harris of the CIA said Pete Wilson, California's former Governor, is relying on my money. So they may try to use this as and excuse and say I gave away all my money which is impossible. Not only do I have 46 Quadrillion dollars at Swiss National Bank in Geneva but I also have 50% of the US stock market and corporations like Bank of America and Anheuser Bush aka Budwiser Beer corp and Home of Camero, Rolls Royce, and BMW and other corporations that the CIA have taken over. I repeat with certainty I had no Idea what was happening to me when they gave my money to the Celebrities. I was hypnotized and under the spell of hypnosis. If these celebrities will take the time to research what happened to me during the 1970's they will find the CIA have been taking my money and houses for a long time. They hypnotized me, put me on drugs like ritlin and enrolled me into the first grade in 1977. As we all know ritlin given to adults is a upper. And they gave me other drugs. A familiar case, Syndi Martin the woman who pretended to be my mother during this time also, gave drugs to other girls she took care of in the 1980's. She said they all had mental problems, and needed drugs. These drugs were just part of the package used on me. They cheated me and took advantage of me. They stole my houses in Wales, Montana, Kona, Tali, Kenya, Maui, Los Angeles, London, New York city. Saying I gave them to them. You see I had the mentality of a 5 year old. I was taken to these houses with no toys of other boys to play with. I was bored. They did not say I wont take your house that its sentimental and been in your family for years. They took the house. They also placed me in an environment where I played with other 5 year olds in my peers. Instead hanging with adults going out to clubs with them, they would put me on restriction and beat me black and blue.

It gets worse. These CIA agents have cleverly decided to fight me and create a situation where they call my children and grand children in and they show them tapes which violate my privacy and civil rights. They are keeping me poor on purpose because I know secrets which would destroy their reputation and their integrity, and more. I could easily sue them and prove I was incompetent and not capable of understanding what was happening to me and the importance of a Deed and Mortgage. They simply took the Deed from my uncles name after he died, into their own name. I could not even spell dog or auction in some cases. And when I got older I started to furnish houses to my taste. They helped me furnish 4 homes in Los Angeles and 1 home in Maui. Then the reset me and invited Stephanie Marshalls brother Joel Marshall to move in and then take over a business I owned called Atomic Films on Ivar in Hollywood, a post production company. I had furnished my rooms with religious artifacts and had a royal look. You see they had picked me up off the street and started to explain I was rich not King, they never said that. And all within 3 months in 1989 I lost my homes and they moved in other people. I had a house on Sunset Ave, they helped me put a piano in there, furniture and leather sofa, books and paintings, glass table, and dressers and fully furnished house to my taste then they moved in a band member of Iggy Pops band the Stooges named Richard, and Dr Ken Oswald an ER doctor at Northridge.

Another house was furnished to my taste and when I was reset and lost my memory nobody went to the house for years. I had cash in the house and Frank Butler of Locksmith Security Company in Los Angeles also lived on the street at 2440 Hidalgo in Silverlake. I lived near by and he knew I had cash in the house and in 1993 he took a few people and robbed my house. As I understand Benjamin Novick took over the house, and he will say I gave it to him. They had a clever plan and I had hypnotic words in my brain and when I heard phrases like "Walk a Straight Line" I would loose my memory permanently and I would get reset.

They say that my uncle John England hypnotized me. This is not true. The CIA hypnotized me, also the Magic Castle. And the CIA knew what the phrases were and they used them to their advantage. So the CIA want to keep me poor to prevent a law suit and so they can continue to go to the countries I had house in and build secret bases under neath the houses and tunnel under the house and all over spying on the residents and government of these countries. This I know for fact. I have personally witnessed these bomb shelters and tunnels filled with offices and computers and other CIA agents who spy on celebrities and other people. Another reason why they want to keep me poor is that they have me and all my children on Mind Control. We are wired. Also I know secrets about Benjamin Novick who said he was my brother, which he is not and sued Elvis Presley. This is correct during the 1980's Hank Weiner from Encino went to Texas with the CIA and myself and Benjamin Haskell Novick lied and said he was my brother to receive Billions in Cash from the Elvis Presley Estate. I know all about these people and I want these facts to get out and they are trying everything to repress me and these facts to prevent lawsuits. Fact is Frank Thomas, Mark Fustine, Benjamin Novick Cheryl Jackson or Johnson, Cherise Kramer, Dick Harris, Mary K Parker, Stephanie Marshall,Peggy Sue, Joel Marshall, Penny Marshall and 60 other CIA agents fully took advantage of me while I was hypnotized and under a state of mind of a 5 year old. Unable to read or write gave them perfect opportunity to rob my father King George William Frederick Charles 6th estate and the Estate of John Charles England. They also set up Joan Crawford and Hank Williams. Just look at Hank Williams and Hank Williams the 3rd they look nothing like each other. and their DNA would not match either.

Also Matt Williams AKA Jimmy Velvet and Jett Williams had a stake in the Elvis Presley Heist. Also Lisa Marie Presley is really Michelle Cortinas. She is a fraud too. And these house were mine. I Knew Elvis Presley, Pricilla Presley or Wagner, Lindsey Wagner and Shelly Long. I lived with these people and they called me Chuck Wagner or Pricilla did. Elvis called me Darwin Presley. I was backed by Hank Weiner and told by the CIA to sue Elvis Presley. It never went into court. All I did was show up for a will reading at Graceland surrounded by CIA agents including Benjamin Haskell Novick. He gave me a dirty look and I knew I had to say he was my brother because they instructed me to do so. Also I was told to give the Elvis Presley Museum to Jimmy Velvet or Matt Williams. They raided all his property, his crystal ball, his jewelry and so on. I gave his cars to the Peterson Museum or they could of been my cars. I don't really remember where the cars came from but I was told to give them to the Peterson Museum. Today I don't own a car and don't have a single cent to my name or bank account. I have not had a bank account in 15 years and its not healthy for a King to be destitute without a bank account and security at my age. My children and these celebrities who attended this party in Houston in the 1980's need to investigate where the money came from and what pretenses the money was given to them under. This was fraud, sneaky and unfair. Most of all it is terrible that the CIA is keeping the King of Great Britain Hostage and Poor in Los Angeles and not allowing me to go home and see my adoptive mother Marianne Adelaide at 139 Chestnut Close in Blackwater UK. They used the voice manipulator to call her up on the phone and pretend to be me and tell her I was not going to see her any more and that she was not my mother. The also used this machine to call my children and told my children somebody else would call them, like my mother. And their voice was being generated by a machine and they told these people to keep me poor and not to send me back to the country I am King of.

I truly believe that if they are calling me Matthew a fake name they made up in 1973. Then somebody else is running around calling themselves George William Frederick Charles and also John Charles England and Charles John England and Charles Gumbiner. They are getting people to say they are these people and are entitled to my 46 Quadrillion dollar bank account. They have Syndi who signed a fake birth certificate, also Willis Dunlap when they gave me the fake name of Matthew Dunlap. She pretended to be my mother. And now she is pretending to be my wife. Or the Wife of John England or Charles England or Gumbiner. She is saying they died and the CIA can fabricate anything, any document any video or audio recording. With all those fancy computers they cut and paste anything. Fact is the CIA assassinate people, the lie and the blackmail people and the rip off celebrities. This is the prime directive of the CIA to rip off and spy on celebrities. They impersonate them and they steal funds and sell drugs. I personally witnessed Mark Fustine Captain of the CIA drop drugs out of a plane on our way to the United States off the coast of Florida in the water. Where a boat could come by and pick up the drugs. He was even honest and told me it was drugs.

The CIA have used me when they assassinated people like John F Kennedy and they used me when transporting drugs into the USA. Because if we got caught, they did not have the right to search us or stop us because I am the King of Great Britain. These CIA people I talk about are also related to John Gotti and the Fustine Family from Ridgeway Penn. Research and look closely at the facts I state above. I am sure giving this money away was the talk of Hollywood during the late 1980's. Of course I have not a single phone number or ever received a thank you, mainly because I did not deserve a thank you. This was the idea of the CIA to give away my money. They also raided my bank account at Swiss National Bank in Los Angeles on Glendale Blvd and Alverado. They don' have a branch now there because over 60 agents went inside the bank and took out billions and billions of dollars also with Security Pacific National Bank. This is why the bank went under. The only people allowed around me during this time they hustled me were CIA agents. Under duress under the breath and smothered by the CIA I was unable to breath or get a fresh breath of air or to even travel any where alone. They have me under surveillance and spy on me and everyone I know and they have taken out my right eye which I am not blind in when they did eye surgery and wired me. I was one of the very first ones to get wired and spied on by the CIA. Read my book and learn more, The King George Conspiracy.
Peggy Sue another CIA agent said she was going to take me for everything I have and take over my family trust.

Chapter 10 CIA Stalking

The CIA stole the money that King George left me, John England my uncle, Joan Crawford, Elvis Presley, and the money I made from Gilligans Island. Not only did they steal houses and royal Jewelry from me. Like my mothers 5 Diamond Rings. But they did this while I was hypnotized on mind control chipped with brain damage from the surgery and a blind eye, because they blinded me in my right eye. They also did this when I didn't know why I was. And they had no intention of telling me. In fact they gave me a different name, and relocated me and gave me to an adoptive family, new friends and enrolled me into 1st grade. I had nobody, no kids there was nobody to tell me who I was.

In fact these houses stolen from me were not even in my name yet. They were still in the name John England and the houses went directly to the executor of the trust Frank. He made himself executor and it was easy to steal these houses. I never saw the list of what I owned or had any Idea. Not a single deed was in my name. If the name change was done to me and I got mortgages and such I would of had some wisdom and experience with all this and would of known what was going on and how they were fleecing me. Even though I was only in the first grade I could not even spell mortgage. You see they reset me and erased my memory many times. They would move next door no matter where I lived, their they were. Cindy moved next door, Donna Simpson moved next door. et.

Its quite clear as to their intentions when you take a closer look to what happened to Joan Crawford and her Conspiracy and Elvis Presley. Then it becomes quiet clear to their intentions involving me and King George and King John. Remember they stole 2 trust from our family, King George and King John England.

In the 1980's While I still thought I was Matthew, Cindy told me that I was Darwin Presley. Elvis Presley's son. She told me when and where to go which was in Texas to Graceland I believe where this lady read the will. I was surrounded by CIA agents, including Ben Novick, Farah Faucets son. I was forced to tell this lady that he was my brother when he was not and he received 1/4th of the fortune. He was not even related. I was also forced to liquidate the entire fortune to cash. Then I was led to withdrawal the cash out of Security Pacific National Bank during Nov/DEC 1988 approx 1 billion in cash. The security officer of the bank helped load the cash in the back of Jon Fustine's truck on Highland Ave at Hollywood Blvd. Their were 2 metal containers full of cash and several duffle bags. With the last bag in the truck. Jon Fustine and Mike Wilborn took off leaving me in the middle of the street crying. This is all on camera because it took place right outside the windows of the bank in the middle of the street. They stole all of Elvis Presley's money. I also had some houses from Elvis Presley's Estate. I don't know what is going on with them now. The Day after the money was taken, my memory was reset again by the CIA and I found myself sleeping underneath an apt building before I found myself on David Taylor's door step asking for work.

They had erased my memory again and I had forgotten where my houses were and my keys. This all took place in DEC of 1988. The lawyer they used was Hank Weiner from Encino California. So cindy knew what she was doing. She also set up Joan Crawford.

The CIA wired me early in the 60's. During 1973 they drugged me and they flashed my eyes, bouncing them up and down, giving me areas I could not see out of. They used echo feature on my sound implants in my ears and they use drugs. I ran around scared not knowing what I was doing. So they say I was crazy. This was an excellent time for them to steal my property and say I gave it to them. I was incompetent, not able to make decisions. I was not even in the first grade yet. I could not spell dog. They used special features with my eye implants and ear implants with drugs. The FBI did the same DEC 23 1988 when they took the Rise Diamond from me when I returned from England. I am honestly telling you the CIA use their interrogation techniques to steal and con me out of whatever they want. Now they get real close to my Children like Hayden Panettiere and Christina Aguilera and Hilary Duff and Corey Feldman and Austin Matthew England. Because they know if they get real close and tell them I am crazy and not to be in my life they have a better chance of keeping me poor and unable to sue for my property back or my money. To tell you the truth, I am the King of Great Britain old and lost. They have me poor. Even Scott and Jon Fustine have many houses and apt buildings. Why are they so rich and me so poor. The Crazy term is a way they can sophomorically down grade what they did to me. This way they can distract from the real story, the real crime and that is the Theft and the Extortion the did to me King George. The CIA also threaten my children with prison if they contact me or give me money. They also threaten them that they will never talk to them again. They are hurting me so much. I am so sad that they all have my precious and sentimental properties and my mothers diamond ring that she married King George with and all her diamond rings. The CIA have my fathers gold watch. I would of never have given up these items if I weren't drugged and called crazy. Of course I acted crazy like a 5 year old running around. The fact is a 5 year old may seem crazy but they aren't. And either am I . I didn't have a preschool or 1st grade or any education,, so I acted like a 5 year old, drugged on LSD that they gave me. They also used their interrogation tactics on me and over 60 CIA agents stole more than 30 houses and hotels each. This is wrong. Now they tell my children I am crazy. They show my children videos they cut and pasted and made to blackmail me. Well I got my education now and the hypnosis wore off. Now I am fully aware of what they did to me. And I want justice.
What they did was to tear down my houses and they developed new apartment buildings then sold them. How can I go after them? The hide behind the CIA badge and bribe everyone I contact. They tell all my friends not to contact me again and not to give me money. What can I do? I need money to sue them and to go after them for the things and crimes they done against me and other people. What I need is my children to take a closer look at what I went through and how they controlled me and relocated me to their convenience. I have nobody to help me and I still don't because there are more than 60 agents in the CIA that have been stealing my money and running my family business for years. They like to call me Matthew and they completely don't give me the respect as King. In fact the Ferguson family have moved into Windsor Castle, my Castle where I should be living at right now. I want them out at once. This is my order as King of Great Britain. The Ferguson Family must move out at once. I want back every single property and possession they stole from me during this incompetent and crazy state of my life. I will agree with them and say I was crazy to give them anything while under duress and forced to give them what ever they asked for. These properties should of went into my name. But they went directly into their name, it was easier to do this. I would of received a lot of experience if I had the deeds in my name. I never signed anything so all their stealing of my properties are invalid. I legally can win this hands down and without even a fight if I have the money to do so. So this is why they keep the King Poor so they can keep what they stole.

Its likely that Syndi D Martin or Cindy Martin will try to say she married me which she did not. Far from it. She pretended to be my mother and enrolled me into the first grade 1977 and signed a birth certificate under the name Matthew Dunlap as my mother. But in fact she is not my mother, nor wife, she is just a woman that Mark Fustine AKA Frank Thomas used to help him keep me under hypnosis and believing in the fake name of Matthew. Maybe she will try to go to Geneva or Zurich and try to get my 46 Quadrillion dollars. I think they already stole the money from my family. We need to investigate this.
They use to give me drugs like ritalin, when they knew I was an adult. What did they really give me? They say I was crazy. I question all the things they did to me, all the brain surgeries, eye surgeries. I am blind in my right eye because of these surgeries. When will someone recognize what these people did to me.

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