Chapter 1 The King George Conspiracy and Federal Secrets

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Chapter 1

The King George Conspiracy and Federal Secrets

What I am about to share with you is 100% true and fact. I am going to share with you all the secrets I know about and learned while I was in the CIA and associated with the Mafia.

First lets start off with who I really am, my true Identity. I am King George the 7th. son of King George William Frederick Charles. King of The United Kingdom, Great Britain, and Germany My mother is Mary. I am the only surviving son of King George. I had a twin brother that died when I was ten. My uncle was King John Charles England of Germany. He had no sons so when he died I became King of Germany. My half sister is Queen Elizabeth the second. She may or may not be an imposter. I am currently now being impersonated in Germany by Scott Angelo Fustine AKA Scott Gotti. Grandson of Peter Gotti. I will include photographs of myself and photos of the imposters as well as names of the people involved in the King George Conspiracy.

You see my father King George died when I was young and my fathers brother John England began to raise me. They tried to cover my identity and gave me the name Charles John England AKA Charles Gumbiner. John England and I became famous when we got stranded on Gilligans Island during the 50's. This is when Sherwood Schwartz took my story and sold it. I also got stranded in the Amazon Jungle for months and a family of Gorillas took care of me. I also got stranded and kidnapped from a Mexican beach after Marlon Brando and John England got in a fight and I ran away and was taken to Argentina. In all cases a man named Frank Gotti or Mark Fustine came and picked me up. He picked me up in Argentina, He got stranded on Gilligans island, and he picked me up at the Lost City of the Amazon. I have other writings that describe the things I done before the hypnotized me and put me on mind control. I had a life before the jumped me and took over my family trust. and should you want to read more or know more about me or my experiences, just contact me and I will send you more. Via the mail, email, Internet, Fax or telephone or personal interview. Now I would like to share with you secrets that I know and have learned.

My family trust has been taken over now ever since John England died. Uncle John and I got in a fight in Texas in the Late 60's early 70's and he grabbed a weapon and charged me with it. I grabbed the weapon and he ran into it and died. I never was able to attend his funeral or the reading of the will or estate. This is where Frank/CIA/Mafia came in and took over. The wired me and chipped me and put me on mind control and used hypnosis to clear my memories. They changed my name to Matthew and put me in the first grade when I was 34 years old. Since I was a twin I was small with a small frame and they pulled it off. It was not until 2004 that I started to get my memories back and it was an accumulation of suspicion that led me to find out all the secrets. This story is the biggest secret ever told. Involving a new worth of 40 Quadrillion dollars and about 50% percent of the stock market. It involved thousands of real estate properties, hotels and other investments strongly in Los Angeles but around the world too, and in Hawaii. I use to own the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles and the Big Blue Buildings now owned by Scientology, the mafia gave this to them.

They did this with ease. They took me away from home and made me think I was a little boy. In the late 60's I had a face lift and went to a hair school and had new hair put in. it was 1973 when things changed for me.

I want to tell you about all the other Celebrities that are on mind control, including my children all 9 of them. Corey Feldman the actor, Christina Aguilera the singer, Kasie lee who is a minor now and other children of mine. They also took over my father and uncles real estate properties where the build bomb shelters underneath the houses with elevators that go down into these huge areas. A secret base that is underneath La Cienga St. the 134, 2, 5 freeway. Underneath the 10 freeway. I owned a dirt transportation company named Harrison and Nicholes in Irwindale that exists today. They took over this company and use it to move the dirt. This all happened during the 70's I been down there. Under neath Whitley Heights, under Griffith park. Connecting from St Joseph Hospital to queen of Angeles hospital. under Universal Studios and city and the 101 and 10 freeway. Under neath down town Los Angeles. The took a above ground rail road that I owned and they took over the old gold mines I owned and put the rail road under ground so the agents can get around.

Some of the people involved are. The Gotti Family, Fustine Family. Mark Fustine, Chris Fustine, Jon Fustine, Scott Fustine, Stephe Marshall( penny marshalls sister), Joel Marshall, Jackie Glenn, Mike Staggerton, Cheryl Jackson, The Partridge Family, Lynne Rose Redgrave, The Ferguson Family, The Brown Family, Speare Charles Primpas, Mim Parker, The Parkers,Chris and Kathy Saunders, Charlie's Angels,The Patterson's. (AKA New York 2) Basically the Mafia or Gotti family in the old days became famous and made their own families celebrities by using my money and the money from Gilligans Island to buy CIA seats and Badges. Then they went clean so the world thinks. In fact they Wire almost all the celebrities and they don't even know it. They clean out people estates.

San Gabriel Retirement Villa another property I own. They will try to hide and sell some properties and business but they wont be able to move the bomb shelters they made on my families real estate homes. This I know for fact. I been on mind control now for years. I lost my right eye during surgery. I had 6 brain surgeries so they could chip me and they put a chip in my brain. I only get to dream with their dream machine. Their technology is 30 years ahead of everyone else's. With satellites they can go back in time, and manipulate anything they want to. They have taken my children from me, calling them their own. They lie to them to keep them away. They can't kill me because I know so many important people but if they do we know who they are. I know Robin Williams, Jett and matt Williams, The Bushes and Brandos, Gwen Stephanie, Madonna, cindy Lauper, Sean Penn, john candy when he was alive, and hundreds more. They will either buy me off or kill me or impersonate me as they have already done. Or they will continue to take over the family business or sue me. Either way they are manipulating many people, documents and what ever to do so. They have the help of the CIA to do this.

Pan Am flight 103. Victims Kathy and Chris Saunders were not on the flight. I suspect they liquidated the entire airline adding their own agents names to make them disappear as well as collect money. I went to see the queen DEC 21 1988 when it happen traveling under Chris Saunders name a friend of mine. Once the plane blew up I was told to go help with search and rescue. All Kings and Princes are CIA and I wanted to be a spy when I was young so they included me as their own until they saw a way to exclude me in their happiness. I also witnessed the CIA drop bags of drugs when I left my home in Kenya one time. They dropped the bags for a boat to catch off the coast of Florida. They are drilling and tunneling everywhere underneath all cities including Los Angeles using the money they stole from my family trust. The Spellings, Joan Crawford, The Washington, Cameron. The mafia has all kinds of connections and is based in Los Angeles among the celebrities. They had a 40 years a long time to use my money, production studios, and everything else I was to build an empire in Los Angeles.

The took billions of dollars and put it into the Beaches to save the Beaches in California, Runyon State Park was mine or earl flinns pad, If you know about MCA corporation the 2nd largest in the United States run and owned by the Mafia, Tom Pollack, Lew Wassermann, Sidney Van Slike, Eugene James Korbilt, and many other names. I use to own or still do this company, Budwiser, BMW, Rolls Royce, Home of the Corvette, They poured money into LAX and put a food court there, also The Beverly center, and Cedars Sinai, Bobby Trendy's shop was given by me, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Chateau Marymount was mine, Also David La Chappele got as home from me. Will Rogers Beach, I had hundreds of homes stolen from me, from Malibu to New York City. Marshall High School Science building was funded by me. Dodger Stadium was funded by me. And they have a huge base under neath it. I owned several homes like 10 on the property. They gave the money to Actors Gang, Actors Studio, Michael Ryan, David Hyde Pierce, George Hutchinson not me. Also they built either the mark tapper of the Ahmansons at the music center. Wilson and Harding Golf course and the nursery at Griffith Park and a house on commonwealth, now occupied by Bernie Rial were mine. I owned tons of properties which in other writings I state the exact business or address. I have been in some of the bomb shelters they built where they have Spy offices where they spy on people. I lost my right eye. I am totally blind because they screwed up on the surgery. People with the lazy eye or children with eye sight problems should check to see if they are wired. Cecille Lavilla a girl friend of mine who joined the CIA lost 70% percent of her vision.

They have wired Gwen Stephanie, Keene Reeves, Speare Primpas, Corey Feldman, Cindy Lauper, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Bruce Willis and many more

Help me, Help King George the 7th, Help my blood line, Help stop the USA Spread the word about what is going on. Investigate everything I have said and more. and God Bless Everyone.
This is my picture. I was there when the Berlin Wall came down and I pushed the wall down in the Ceremony
be careful of impersonators

The Pictures below are the people involved in the take over and are the impersonators

this is the main guy in charge of everything son of the late Peter Gotti Sr, Says he is in the CIA

the person on the far right is Scott Angelo Fustine. Went to Hyde Park Jr High in Los Vegas in 1980-82. He is currently impersonating the King of Germany which is me. To his Left is The Late Peter Gotti. Sr. Head of the Italian Mafia. The Second Person from the left is Peter Gotti's wife Victoria Fustine. They go by AL and Vicky Fustine from Ridgeway Penn. Phone Number is 773-7903 area code is Penn state. The Fustine Family is in Fact the Gotti family as you can see. Scott's Birth day is 7/29/66

the person above is Mary Kristin Parker 2/27/68 SS # 244-11-1047

this person is Speare Charles Primpas from Boston, lives at 8538 West Knoll Ave in West Hollywood under
his home it connects to a La Cienga Blvd Base. He is the Greek Mafia, Gay and also Wired on Mind Control. He is HIV and has been for 25 years and currently spreads the HIV virus among the gays and bath houses in Los Angeles. He is Assassin and involved with the Gang and Gotti's

This Is Jonathan Martin Fustine 1/8/68. lives at 405 Polk Ave San Francisco California. HIV and is half brother to Scott Gotti. He is in charge of one of my families buildings taken over by the mafia in San Francisco.
the picture above is the three of us. JON Fustine, His Son Jeremy, Scott Fustine Impersonating King of Germany and me on the end far Right King George the 7th.

Don't forget Stephanie Marshall (Penny Marshalls sister) who Owns tanning salons in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Of course they will try to sell right away.
Ben Novick or Ben Novic, Cheryl Jackson, Mike Staggerton, Chris Fustine, Matt Williams.

Chapter 2 Gilligans Island

Hi. I personally witnessed Liz ( a Gotti) and this Elder man with white hair, beard and mustache,( a picture I enclosed. This picture is almost what he looked like.) Kill my adoptive parents. My mother was the Queen of England, and my father is John England. The Gotti family has taken over the Government and the Royal family in Europe. I know this for fact. I witnessed Liz the maid taking poison from the garden at the palace almost into the house with my father. We caught them and my father got mad and dismissed them. My mother had been sick for weeks and now we knew why. Liz ran into the house and said she was going to kill my mother. and barricaded the door. My father told me to go to the shack and get the ax laying on the ground. I went over there but didn't find it then he had to go and get it. He started to break down the door, when this elder white haired main came running around the corner from the front of the house.

He caught my father by surprise and he began to hit my father, who was holding the ax. My father never got a swing in to hit him. He was already tired from trying to break down the door. The elder man hit my father in the chest a couple times, which made my father drop the ax. I was standing right there and saw everything. My father had a heart attack and fell to the ground. The elder man grabbed me and took me to this house in London somewhere nearby and locked me up and told me to stay put and not to say anything or else.
I started my Gilligans island story with the above so that you understand the nature of what's going on. Liz and this Elder man who either impersonated John England my father or (Newark) not. Nevertheless both of these people were not my parents and the took me to Hawaii for the purpose of getting rid of me. The elder man had the magic castles hypnotize me to "Walk a straight line" that was the phrase that when said I would snap into a state of hypnosis. Usually this elder man would begin to hunt me firing a gun at me. But this particular trip to Hawaii was different.

They planned a trip to Hawaii to get rid of me, I know this because this elder man took me out on a Boat. If this was not true Liz would of went. We were staying at the Outrigger Reef hotel in Waikiki. I know this because I remember the world war 2 tank that was beside the hotel as a landmark along the path that leads to the beach.
The elder man took me out on a boat and we started to go towards another island. He asked me to steer and he was going to take a 5 minute nap. I didn't know where he was going so 4.5 hours later or so, we ran out of gas in the middle of the ocean. When the engine shut off he woke up immediately and he was pissed. He started screaming and jumping and down blaming me, telling me why didn't I wake him up. I said you just told me to steer. This man didn't like me at all. And while we were in Hawaii, I realize that the Hypnosis from the magic castle must of erased the murder that I witnessed. This was not on my mind or I would have fought for my family.

Were were drifting in the middle of the ocean. He asked me to get on the diving board or plank on the boat. I did so. He said walk a straight line. I snapped into hypnosis. He expected the result to be that I would walk off. But I did not. He probably had no destination but just to take me out to ocean and get me to walk off the plank. But I did not. He said but you would do anything for your father, hoping I would believe he was my father, which I did at the time. I said yes I would. Then he said walk a straight line. I said I could not, he said why not, I told him it was unsafe to do so. And again he got pissed grinning, growling and jumping and down like a kid.

A storm start to break and it started to rain, we remained drifting and a currant took our boat and we were caught in the storm. We were taken to this island and we jumped off the boat when it broke shore or just off shore. It was raining real hard and we ran underneath this banana tree to act as a umbrella and keep the rain off us. This man didn't want to be next to me and he ran off down the way. I started to make a hut right on the shore for shelter which I did so. He stared to do the same but later and down the beach. We were there for a while and he gave me a hard time. I felt I had no choice but to make a float ion device/raft and set out to get help. He was being a monster to me, really mean. so I set out to see.

I was out to see for hours, tired and I was lucky a fisherman found me and took me aboard, they gave me water and asked what happen. I told them that my father, but he was not was on this island and we were stranded. The started starching for 1 hour or so, they asked me where Liz was staying at. I was so young I really didn't know, but I said there were a lot of buildings near the beach. So they took me to Waikiki and I said yes this is the place.

I told coast guard the story and that my father, though he is not was on this Island, I still didn't know where Liz was at. The old Hawaii Five O building on the coast was nice to me and allowed me to stay in a room considering the circumstances. I also met this Director guy while I was there. After 2 days I believe, I recalled the Tank near the Hotel we were staying at, so I went to the hotel manager or employee and told him about what I was able to recall. I believe I told him it was some sort of vehicle or military related land mark. He knew what I was talking about. Just down the way from this Hawaii Five O hotel we walked down the strand and I noticed it and said yes that is it. And that's the hotel we were staying at. A lot of time had passed already maybe weeks. And the manager went inside the hotel and was able to find Liz. Everything was explained to her. Coast guard searched for the Island and it was a while before they found it and This elder man was rescued.

The mafia of course knew exactly how to hustle the money from me on this. From my understanding there was a lot of money that was supposed to go to me regarding the Gilligans island story. Frank Gotti aka Danny Thompson, aka Mark Fustine, or Ferguson, an Ira Mafia/CIA member. He came up to me and told me to say that he was one of the ones on the boat and that he was a castaway with me too, also some other people that he chose too. He came up with a whole group so he could get the money as he did. I never got one cent from the money. He was not with me, it was only me and the old man that's it. No Mimi Parker, or Mary Ann, No Richard Johnson or professor. They bullied their way into this cash cow and screwed me. Also when the money was supposed to go to me John Gotti came up to me for the first time and told me to give the money entirely to him. It make sense now, Mark or Frank Gotti and John Gotti. After they got the money from this they were able to buy themselves a CIA chair and begin to take over the world.
Also this elder man and I got into a fight in Los Angeles when we returned. In Front of Liz he charged me with a spear like weapon that I and he then ran into it killing himself. After this I was questioned by the CIA/ Police but it was self defense. After this George Sr Bush walked me down to the Brandos house to stay. I became king then as everyone believed including me that this man was my father. I was young when I witnessed him kill my father in a fight, nevertheless he got his.

The mob also took The John England fund/ money I was entitle to. And my king status was up for grabs as they hypnotized me again to believe I was someone else. Then they got John Gotti's lover to raise me with two other Gotti children that beat me up all the time. The got me a new ID and SS # but it was all dated long after I was born. I know who I am. I am Charles John England. These other 2 Gotti children, put a rug over quick sand and I fell in and they said say that they were my brothers or they would allow me to die. I never had to state such. But they took over my Identity and money and my standing as a King. This was More money for them. To take over the world.

Briefly I want to mention I knew Joan Crawford. I witnessed 5 murders at 4 locations and over heard a conversation in the car with 3 mob members who were setting her up to steal her estate and I told her and she immediately wrote them out of her will, they are frauds. This money and real estate was stolen and taken from me too. Matter of fact I have been poor most of my life because they have taken all my money so they could finance their own celebrity contracts. They are celebrity killers and I protect them.

In sort this entire letter is to say I am the real Gilligans stranded on this island, if you check my story you will find I am telling the truth. The mafia added their own crew. But initially it was only Liz the old man and me who checked in the hotel. Where did he get the boat. only him and I were on it, only I stayed at the Hawaii Five O hotel. and so on all the other lies needs to be straightened out and I want the truth to get out there. Please research or forward this email or story to any writers, or movie people who may wish to know the truth. Also send it to the hotels I mention and spread the info around, because I need the help and God would like the truth to prevail. The universe demands balance. God bless amen

Charles John England. AKA George William Frederick Charles King of Great Britain
I was like 8 years old 70 pounds, like 5'4 with brown hair, brown eyes and I will include a currant picture of me and a picture of the old man show it could be shown around .Thanks for your help

Chapter 3 Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angeles

I am sure you heard of or may have seen the TV series Charlie's Angeles. In case you have not it stars Kate Jackson the mother of Ben one of the guys who monitors my mind control. Jacklyn Glenn, wife of Jackie Glenn another guy who monitors my mind control and Jacquelyn Smith. These three girls are law enforcement officers who go around making arrests on the bad guys. It was my show. I started this show, and asked these three girls to be in my show.

One day I went to meet Kate and Jacklyn Glenn at a restaurant up where dodger stadium now exists. She was out front looking as pretty as ever. I asked her if she wanted to be an Angel and star in my TV series Charles Angeles. She said of course "Yes" I said OK let's go, and pointed inside. I told her I was having lunch, with Kate and Jacquelyn and invited her to our meeting.
She was a bit startled and excited in the same moment about everything I was saying to her. Unlike most women I have approached in the same way, she didn't take it as a hit or her or a line. Other women had. They here a guy saying, you want to be a star, they automatically think I am hitting on them. Though she is very pretty I had other intentions. Kate and Jacklyn were not that friendly with me and I sort of wanted someone to be on my side and be my friend. Company of mine at the table. I felt reassured and comfortable with Jacquelyn Smith at the table with me.

When Jacklyn Glenn and Kate Jackson saw Jacquelyn Smith they treated her like an outsider. When we approached the table I could see in their eyes. Who is this lady. Kate Jackson looked at her like she was a street girl or hooker. They were not kind in their looks but they did accept her. I told them this is your new Angel. The three of you are going to be my Angels and all of you will be Charlie's Angels. I was proud of my show, until it was taken from me and I was hypnotized to forget everything. Shortly after all this I found myself in the first grade. 1977 Hermosa Beach First Street Elementary School. This is where I went to elementary school when I was 34 or so years old. Yes this sounds crazy because it is crazy. Some how I lost everything. I have not been reminded of Charlie's Angeles and that it was my show until now Oct 31 2007.

Last night was my reflection and introspection into the series and the girls. They actually took me back in time, to the time of the meeting when I first met Jacquelyn Smith and another time. We met at this restaurant because I owned it too. I owned quite a few houses and restaurants up where dodger stadium now exists.

It is their intention all of these people involved in this conspiracy to keep me poor so I can not voice my self about what happen to me. They all have just ignored that this happen to me and deny it. I have talked to several people who own real estate houses that my father owned. And for years I have known and talk to even was a lover of some of these people, but they never said anything to me. They made no attempt to help me recover my memory.

At the time I had my soon to be wife murdered and my son. I wanted children but I was afraid that the CIA or FBI would kill them like they did my wife and son. I decided to give my sperm to Christina Aguilera the mother of Christina Aguilera her daughter and to have a child. I gave her money to support her, and felt afraid to be part of her early childhood because I did not want to have her murdered like my previous child. This is why I prepaid for her life.

It so unfortunate for me to have been in my, lets say COMA. I have lost precious years of my children's lives. It may not be important to David or Connie or other people who picked up on the give away of my fathers homes but it sure is important to me to be part of their lives. I did not intend to be away from them my entire life. Now Christina Aguilera is 26. All I wanted was for her to be safe and for me to be away like 5 years. Long enough to know she was safe. But this whole Con played on me was at my loss.
It was not my intention to give my sperm to anyone and give them 40 million dollars. I wanted and love my children very much. I just wanted their safety and the CIA was scaring the hell out of me. They took over my entire life. All the movies and shows I did, like Charlie's Angeles I probably never even got a Producers Credit or my name on the show. They just took my money and production companies and did what they wanted with them. I was on mind control and the secret word they used to clear my entire memory was Saved by the Bell. Then they would ring a bell and flash a strobe on my eyes and I would loose my entire memory.

Every minute and every day that they keep me poor and that I am away from my children is a disgrace to King George the 6th and Queen Mary my mother. They are ignoring my royal nobility and my blood line. This is most important to me. Had I known I was King from the beginning I would of named my first born son George the 8th. But no they lied to me. Matter of fact they lied to me my entire life and continue lying to me and my family. Last night I heard one of the guys telling the Captain and Senor of the CIA that they suckered my entire family.

And this is how I feel. They took my Charlie's Angels show and all my shows and movies. I never received a single thank you or a single dollar for anything to date. Jacquelyn Smith never even said thank you to me for inviting her to star in my show. She may have never even had a chance.

This Group of people mentioned has told my lovers and friends and such people to stay away and lie to me. I often hear from Mark Fustine "Were all in this together".

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