Ch 18 Review Questions

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Ch 18 Review Questions

1. Why is it important that cells communicate to each other? What 4 main ways can they intercellularly communicate in the endocrine and nervous systems?

2. What are the 3 major classes of hormones?

3. When hormones are secreted, they can travel freely or be bound to proteins. Which class of hormones are free and which are bound? What is the main difference in the times of their function?

4. Hormones can be received Extracellularly or Intracellularly. What determines how they are received?

5. If a hormone is extracellular, it must use what to get into the target cell?

6. The Endocrine system can be turned on by what 3 ways?

7. Hormones can work in a simple or complex manner. Give me an example of each.

8. The hypophyseal portal system ensures that hormones from the hypothalamus reach their target cells before being diluted. Describe how it does this.

9. Diagram or describe the homeostatic mechanism of Calcitonin made by the thyroid and parathyroid hormone made by the parathyroid gland. (Remember they work in opposite ways)

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