Cerebellar Corticonuclear Tract

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Max, Steph, Jess - Study Guide On Cerebellar Pathways

Cerebellar Corticonuclear Tract

- Start: cerebellar cortex (purkinje cells) → end: cerebellar nuclei

Cerebellar Nucleocortical Tract

- Start: Cerebellar nuclei → end: in cerebellar cortex (purkinje cells)

Neurotransmitters for Both = GABA (-)

Review Cerebellar Nuclei - Lateral to medial “Don’t eat greasy foods”

Dentate Emboliform Globose Fastigial

Cerebellar Efferents and Motor Control

• Cerebellorubral tract connects to rubrospinal tract

• Cerebellum → Red Nucleus → Spinal Cord

• Cerebelloreticular tract connects to the reticulospinal tract

• Cerebellum → Reticular Formation → Spinal Cord

• Cerebellothalamic tract connects to the thalamocortical tract

• Connects to the Corticospinal tract

• Cerebellum → thalamus à cerebral cortex à Spinal cord

• Cerebellovestibular Tract connects to the vestibulospinal tract

• Cerebellum → Inferior Peduncle → vestibular nuclei → Spinal Cord

Neurotransmitters = GABA (-), Aspartate (+), Glutamate (+)

Overview on diseases

Dandy Walker Syndrome

• enlargement of fourth ventricle

• presents with jerky movements

• can cause cerebellum not to form correctly


• involuntary rapid eye movement

• due to damage of vestibular tract

* ALL lesions result in IPSILATERAL symptoms due to the double decussation of the cerebellum (another common symptom is Ataxia)

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