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Scribe StatuesScribe Statues
The eyes are inlaid with white magnesite which is naturally veined with red, making them astonishingly lifelike. The pupil is inlaid rock crystal. An inlaid copper band surrounds the eyes. Philtrum
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I’m only hurting myselfI’m only hurting myself
Children of alcoholics are perhaps the one group of people victimized the most by alcoholism due to the lasting, damaging psychological effects they carry for the remainder of their lives. Philtrum
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Part 1 of 3 Case 1Part 1 of 3 Case 1
A review of mother's records showed no indication of either oligo- or polyhydramnios during the pregnangy. Transesophageal echocardiography demonstrated abnormal flow between the atria and ventricles as well as the presence of atrial and ventricular. Philtrum
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I want to be a Good Boy Problem-Based Learning Block 8, Case 1I want to be a Good Boy Problem-Based Learning Block 8, Case 1
Describe the normal milestones for early childhood motor, speech, language, and social development. Philtrum
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Taking Good fas evaluation PhotosTaking Good fas evaluation Photos
Fas evaluation only apply to children who are Caucasian and African-American. Children who do not fulfill the criteria for classic fas. Philtrum
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Reporting clinicianReporting clinician
Please ring Dr Chris Steer on 07919597578 if you have any problems with this questionnaire1. Philtrum
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Reconstruction of facial burn scarsReconstruction of facial burn scars
We present cases of the reconstruction of severe postburn facial deformities using such as skin graft, skin flap, dermabrasion, artificial dermis via multi staged operations. Philtrum
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I. IntroductionI. Introduction
The purpose of this lecture is to give an overview of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, one of the leading causes of mental retardation in the usa, and one which is highly preventable. Philtrum
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Supplementary Table 1: Summary of description of each syndromeSupplementary Table 1: Summary of description of each syndrome
Supplementary Table 1: Summary of description of each syndrome. Acrdys: acrodysostosis; bde: brachydactyly type E; bdmr: Brachydactyly mental retardation syndrome; php: pseudohypoparathyrodism; trps: Tricho-rhino-phalangeal syndrome. Philtrum
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