Mouth Nerve to the stapedius

تشريح نظري / د. حارث دحام ثاني اسنان موصل 4 / 4 / 2016 The Earتشريح نظري / د. حارث دحام ثاني اسنان موصل 4 / 4 / 2016 The Ear
The ears are concerned with equilibration as well as hearing. Adjectives relating to the ear. Each ear comprises three parts: external, middle, and internal. Nerve to the stapedius
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How does the ear work? Image courtesy of nasaHow does the ear work? Image courtesy of nasa
The inner ear, which is surrounded by bone, also contains semicircular canals, which function more for purposes of equilibrium than hearing. Nerve to the stapedius
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Facial Nerve A73 Facial NerveFacial Nerve A73 Facial Nerve
CN7 from cochlear nerve inferiorly; vertical crest (Bill's bar) separates cn7 from superior vestibular nerve located posteriorly. Nerve to the stapedius
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NuB502: the auditory systemNuB502: the auditory system
Thus, we should start by considering the qualities of physical energy that the system is required to transduce in order to give us meaningful information about our acoustic environment. Nerve to the stapedius
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Ear and eye (Vision, hearing and equilibrium)Ear and eye (Vision, hearing and equilibrium)
The ear consists of three parts: external, middle and inner ear. The ear functions to hear and for equilibrium. Nerve to the stapedius
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Lecture 28 Brainstem and Cranial Nerves III: The Branchiomeric NervesLecture 28 Brainstem and Cranial Nerves III: The Branchiomeric Nerves
All of these “Branchiomeric Nerves” (so called because then innervate Branchial Arch derived structures) are all mixed nerves (motor/sensory) with multiple components. Nerve to the stapedius
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Structural basis of medical practiceStructural basis of medical practice
The rhombencephalon is divided into the mylencephalon, mesencephalon, and prosencephalon. Nerve to the stapedius
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David griesemer, mdDavid griesemer, md
On the ventral surface of the pons is the basis pontis and the basilar artery. The dorsal surface of the pons forms the floor of the fourth ventricle, in which the bulges of cn VII nuclei are seen. Nerve to the stapedius
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Questions to ponder: answers to even questionsQuestions to ponder: answers to even questions
One of the major responsibilities of the sympathetic nervous system is to ensure that the body is ready to act in an “emergency” situation that may be life-threatening. Nerve to the stapedius
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