Mouth Innervation of the face

Introduction to the peripheral nervous systemIntroduction to the peripheral nervous system
Instead of using this lecture, consider having students read the appropriate pages in their anatomy textbook before class and hold them accountable using a pre-class quiz. Innervation of the face
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Cranial What are the divisions of the cranium? neurocraniumCranial What are the divisions of the cranium? neurocranium
What are the names of the sutures of the skull? Where are they located? What type of suture are they?. Innervation of the face
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Msp problem Set #4Msp problem Set #4
In addition there was a loss of taste sensation on the anterior two-thirds of the left-side of his tongue, and an absence of voluntary control of left facial and platysma muscles. You begin to wonder about the nerve innervation to the face and the. Innervation of the face
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Objectives for the Head (Chapter 8) Gray’s Anatomy for StudentsObjectives for the Head (Chapter 8) Gray’s Anatomy for Students
Describe the general function of the head as well as its general divisions/compartments. Innervation of the face
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