Mouth Chorda tympani

Supplemental content 1 : Surgical planningSupplemental content 1 : Surgical planning
This method assumes that the basilar membrane lies in the basilar plane defined by the cochlear coordinate system. Ideal trajectories are then calculated from tangents to a spline approximating the center of the scala tympani in the basal. Chorda tympani
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Nerve fiber innervationNerve fiber innervation
Involved in specialized olfaction of reproduction (pheromones); exhibits GnRH; damage leads to mating deficits. Chorda tympani
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Autonomics of head and neckAutonomics of head and neck
Ciliary body smooth muscle: ps only- changes curvature of lens during accommodation reflex. Chorda tympani
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Some of these questions may not applySome of these questions may not apply
These Questions have come from the old tests available in the Center For Academic Excellence. Please note that all of the questions have not been checked, and some of the answers may be wrong. Chorda tympani
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University of pennsylvaniaUniversity of pennsylvania
Moreover, there is recent suggestion that the commonly held notion that the glossopharyngeal nerve. Chorda tympani
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