Human head and neck Vocal process

Instructor: First/Title LastInstructor: First/Title Last
Clarity of Text/Diction: Expressive pronunciation of the text; appropriate for the musical style and clearly understandable to the audience. Vocal process
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Michael Warren Vocal Intensive SeminarMichael Warren Vocal Intensive Seminar
Dr. Warren’s technique that greatly enhances each participant’s understanding of their own vocal process. Each session is augmented by Question and Answer and/or technical discussions. Vocal process
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Section 1 – Name of the CorporationSection 1 – Name of the Corporation
The vision of vocal is to achieve a peer-driven mental health system in the state of Virginia. Vocal process
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Author’s CommentsAuthor’s Comments
I use a similar routine when teaching the first group voice class of a fifteen-week term, and variations of the routine for subsequent classes. Though most exercises are located in the text. Vocal process
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Wednesdays, 15: 40-17: 30 p mWednesdays, 15: 40-17: 30 p m
Vocal process
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Class voice spring 2013Class voice spring 2013
Course Description (from mcccd catalog): Introduction to the fundamentals of vocal production. Emphasis on breathing techniques, tone production and performances in class of solo vocal literature; further study may include the elements of stage presence. Vocal process
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