Human head and neck Torus tubarius

Lec1 : Anatomy, Physiology and ImmunologyLec1 : Anatomy, Physiology and Immunology
The entire pharynx is bounded externally by several muscle systems, which perform diverse functions and are continuous distally with the muscles of the esophageal wall. Torus tubarius
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Digestive system practical skillsDigestive system practical skills
Torus tubarius
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Outline Pharynx Dr. Bennett-Clarke General RemarksOutline Pharynx Dr. Bennett-Clarke General Remarks
The pharynx serves as the common passageway for the gi tract and the respiratory systems. It is a fibromuscular tube that lies anterior to the vertebral column. Torus tubarius
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Almost All Dissection Manual Min Suk Chung, Beom Sun ChungAlmost All Dissection Manual Min Suk Chung, Beom Sun Chung
You will be able to ascertain almost everything in the lab from the textbook. You need a lab manual in order to quickly perform dissection and learn as much as you can from the anatomy lab. Torus tubarius
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Pharynx, Craniovertebral Joints and Prevertebral RegionPharynx, Craniovertebral Joints and Prevertebral Region
The pharynx exists from the base of the skull down to the inferior level of the cricoids cartilage. Torus tubarius
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