Human head and neck Thecal sac

Case ReportCase Report
A 31 years old female presented in 2008 with the chief complaints of lower back pain and right buttock pain, along with difficulty in falling asleep because of the severe pain in the leg with a left sided sciatica. Thecal sac
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Sciatic Nerve and SciaticaSciatic Nerve and Sciatica
I can call myself lucky that I am a yoga teacher and been teaching therapeutic yoga since 2005. Now I am given an opportunity to find out how yoga therapy can provide me with healthy and happy life in spite of my constant back pain. Thecal sac
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A patient with Back PainA patient with Back Pain
Her primary tumor was 3 cm in size and she had only one axillary lymph node that was positive for malignancy. She elected to have a mastectomy. Thecal sac
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Review request forReview request for
Request is for an implantable infusion pump to deliver drugs for the treatment of specific conditions. Thecal sac
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Dmc/F. 14/DC/Comp. 301/2007/ 1Dmc/F. 14/DC/Comp. 301/2007/ 1
St. Stephens Hospital (referred hereinafter as the said Hospital), resulting in her death on 20 2005. The Delhi Medical Council perused the complaint, written statement of Director, St. Stephens Hospital and medical records of St. Thecal sac
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Rajiv gandhi university of health sciences, karnataka bangalore annexure – IIRajiv gandhi university of health sciences, karnataka bangalore annexure – II
Imaging allows complete evaluation of static and dynamic factors related to degenerative disease of the spine and is useful in diagnosing the different aspects of spine degeneratio. Thecal sac
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At warrnambool workcover divisionAt warrnambool workcover division
Accident Compensation Act 1985, ss 5(1), 82(1), 82(2C), 98C, 135A(18) – lower back injury – compromise of claim – injury arising subsequent to compromise – issue of entitlement to compensation – injury arising in the course of employment – nature. Thecal sac
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Name of radiologists Type of scannerName of radiologists Type of scanner
Thecal sac
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