Human head and neck Squamosal suture

The Axial SkeletonThe Axial Skeleton
Squamous (squamosal) sutures—between parietal and temporal bones on each side of skull. Squamosal suture
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Lab 4: Skeletal System Exercise Histology of Osseous TissueLab 4: Skeletal System Exercise Histology of Osseous Tissue
To Do: Identify and label the required structures on the long bone section and diagram. Squamosal suture
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Forensic Osteology: Human SkullsForensic Osteology: Human Skulls
They will then defend their findings to the class. Museum quality replicas of human skulls—from actual crime scenes—are used in this program. Squamosal suture
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Axial skeleton bones: features: bones: featuresAxial skeleton bones: features: bones: features
Squamosal suture
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Skull matching sectionSkull matching section
Optic foramen H. Occipital condyle I. Palatine 10. Squamosal suture J. Parietal 11. Styloid process K. Sphenoid 12. Sinus L. Temporal 13. Cribriform plate M. Vomer 14. Sella turcica N. Zygomatic 15. Supraorbital foramen. Squamosal suture
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