Human head and neck Shuar people

Urgent actionUrgent action
The Yanua kim Indigenous community in the Zamora Chinchipe province, south-eastern Ecuador, fear for their safety after one of their leaders was assassinated and his house raided by the police. Shuar people
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To: Rafael Correa President of EcuadorTo: Rafael Correa President of Ecuador
We would like to express our concern about the advances of mega-mining in the Amazonian Shuar territory, where the community of Nankints in Morona Santiago province was evicted in August 2016 to make way to the construction of a mining camp by the Chinese. Shuar people
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The conaie indigenous people of ecuadorThe conaie indigenous people of ecuador
Ecuador. Composed of regional indigenous organizations throughout Ecuador, conaie works to recover ownership of indigenous lands and to rescue indigenous language and culture. It seeks to promote unity among all the indigenous nations through their. Shuar people
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The old man who read love stories. CharactersThe old man who read love stories. Characters
Antonio originally moved to the jungle with his wife, Delores. Their relationship is not characterised by passion, with Delores instead suggesting that “Those kisses are sinful”. Shuar people
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The Old Man Who Read Love StoriesThe Old Man Who Read Love Stories
When you are preparing for an exam you need to revise all of the above sections and prepare notes which support each section. Shuar people
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Out of the Amazon Knowledge HuntOut of the Amazon Knowledge Hunt
Thank you for downloading the free, online curriculum available at hmns! We’re thrilled to see that you are including the world-renowned Houston Museum of Natural Science in your educational toolkit. Shuar people
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Deviance, conflict and power in shuar-achuar society (1)Deviance, conflict and power in shuar-achuar society (1)
Shuar at this time: It was claimed that they would kill and decapitate other Shuar and Achuar to produce head-trophies tsantsa of them, a practice which has ceased to exist about fifty years ago. Shuar people
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United nations nations unies department of economic and social affairsUnited nations nations unies department of economic and social affairs
Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 1989 (No. 169). The Convention deals primarily with the concepts of consultation, participation, free and informed consent, appropriate procedures, and prior consultation in specific circumstances. Shuar people
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Prayers and thoughts prayer of sr. Maria troncattiPrayers and thoughts prayer of sr. Maria troncatti
Lord, I want to be yours forever. O jesus, I have left everything I held dearest to come and serve you, to sanctify my soul. Yes I have abandoned everything. You are all I have left now, but you are enough for me. Shuar people
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Did you know that…Did you know that…
Marina Luzzi, that she was caring for in the infirmary of Nizza Monferrato. She had bilateral pneumonia and died on March 14, 1922. Shuar people
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