Human head and neck Shako

For picture day, which isFor picture day, which is
Your son/daughter’s Marching Band Uniform is in this garment bag. This includes their coat and trousers, along with their collar, sash and gauntlets (cuffs). Shako
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North Lincoln Band of Knights Uniform Agreement Form Student NameNorth Lincoln Band of Knights Uniform Agreement Form Student Name
Student Name: Age: ­­­­­. Shako
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Care of marching band uniformsCare of marching band uniforms
We are so proud of our new uniforms! We expect these to last for many years to come. In order to make that happen, we ask that you carefully read these care instructions and take every precaution to keep your uniform in “like new”. Shako
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Amador Valley High School Marching Band Uniform Instructions and Contract 2017-2018Amador Valley High School Marching Band Uniform Instructions and Contract 2017-2018
Each student will be assigned various pieces of their marching uniform during their fitting. Uniforms should be kept safely at home and worn/transported to and from performances by each band member in his/her garment bag. Shako
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Band Uniform Rental AgreementBand Uniform Rental Agreement
Student’s Name: Grade. Shako
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2017 ssyfl 6-8 Grade Playoffs2017 ssyfl 6-8 Grade Playoffs
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2017 ssyfl 6-8 Grade Playoffs2017 ssyfl 6-8 Grade Playoffs
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Marching Bobcat PolicyMarching Bobcat Policy
Thank you for your interest in the Battlefield High School Marching Band! Our band has enjoyed much success over the years due to the dedication of our students. This document outlines the policies and procedures for the marching band. Shako
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Uniform care instructionsUniform care instructions
As a member of the 2016-2017 you will be issued a school owned band uniform that consists of a shako, a pair of pants, a jacket, a pair of gauntlets, a hanger, and a uniform garment bag. Shako
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Advanced shakoAdvanced shako
Huge re-fights of major Napoleonic actions are not unreasonable, and if time is limited can be done with the “large battles” rules. The battalion level game seems to be the most popular, though, and with good reason. Shako
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Shako II optional, additional, and changed rulesShako II optional, additional, and changed rules
A stationary infantry square gains a +1 melee modifier against cavalry only when supported by another square within 3 inches. Infantry columns and lines, and cavalry and artillery do not give or receive support to/from squares. Shako
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Dry cleaning, care, and handlingDry cleaning, care, and handling
Congratulations on your purchase of new DeMoulin uniforms. To extend the life and retain the appearance of your DeMoulin uniforms, you need to utilize the following information on preventive maintenance and handling. Shako
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Office of the commandantOffice of the commandant
Graduation Parade Practice for the Corps of Cadets will be held at 1100 hours, Wednesday. Shako
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Uniform Setup & Sizing ProcedureUniform Setup & Sizing Procedure
Clipboards for student to carry Uniform Checkout Sheet from station to station with. Shako
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Introduction to the Saxons – Historical or Fantasy!Introduction to the Saxons – Historical or Fantasy!
The purpose of this piece is both to give the necessary introduction to the Saxons I am working on at the moment and to put out some thoughts on ‘fads’ in the hobby. You may think there can only be a tenuous link between these two but read on and see what. Shako
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