Human head and neck Saccule

Neuroanatomy: Vestibular System (Pan) vestibular system (general): DescriptionNeuroanatomy: Vestibular System (Pan) vestibular system (general): Description
Description: detects head motion and position and generates reflexes for maintaining head and body posture and balance and stabilizing the visual gaze; also provides us with a sense of movement and orientation in space. Saccule
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Biol 256 si, MollyBiol 256 si, Molly
Mechanoreceptors – detect physical changes, such as pressure and gravity, by cells membrane deformation – cutaneous receptors. Saccule
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The Vestibular SystemThe Vestibular System
It is composed mainly of three semicircular canals; and two large chambers, the utricle and saccule each one of them is composed of bony labyrinth. Within this bony labyrinth is membranous labyrinth. Saccule
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