Human head and neck Pituitary gland

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A protein hormone and many peptide hormones would bind with a receptor located in this place. Pituitary gland
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Background Information on Endocrine SystemBackground Information on Endocrine System
The word "endocrine" means to "secrete." And endocrine glands are internal secretions within your body. Endocrine glands pertain to glands that secrete directly into your bloodstream. Pituitary gland
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Endocrine glands and hormonesEndocrine glands and hormones
Hormones are chemical messengers that travel though the bloodstream to their target organ. Pituitary gland
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Unit 9 Test – Interactions in Animal SystemsUnit 9 Test – Interactions in Animal Systems
Ex: if the breathing rate increases additional oxygen diffuses into the blood and carbon dioxide diffuses out of the blood in the lungs. Pituitary gland
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Learning ObjectivesLearning Objectives
Key Words: Rathke's pouch, chromophobes, acidophils, basophils, herring bodies, pinealocytes, corpora aranacea. Pituitary gland
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The endocrine systemThe endocrine system
It lies in a cavity of the sphenoid bone—the sella turcica the hypophysis develops partly from oral ectoderm and partly from nerve tissue. Because of its dual origin, the hypophysis consists of two glands. Pituitary gland
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