Human head and neck Perforated eardrum

An example of a soap note I completed in Advanced Clinical with referencesAn example of a soap note I completed in Advanced Clinical with references
She has been coughing intermittently throughout the night. The cough is described as "raspy and deep". Mom has been alternating tyelnol and motrin for pain and fever which has been effective. Perforated eardrum
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Otitis Media Flip (children >12 months)Otitis Media Flip (children >12 months)
Current pain, drainage from ears, recent uri, fever, decreased fluid intake, listlessness. Pulling on ears or vomiting in a child not yet old enough to verbalize. Perforated eardrum
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Old station surgery ear irrigation leafletOld station surgery ear irrigation leaflet
The Practice Nurse or the Health Care Assistant are happy to assess you if you feel you need irrigation. However, if you are experiencing pain, discharge from your ear or you have a history of a perforated eardrum. Perforated eardrum
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Eardrum PerforationEardrum Perforation
This is the tissue that detects sound and helps you to hear. The eardrum can be perforated (punctured or torn) by infection, sudden pressure changes, intrusion of foreign objects, and accidental injury from cleaning. Perforated eardrum
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Ear Malady Agony caused by pain and dischargeEar Malady Agony caused by pain and discharge
The cotton was drenched with blood. Well, needless to say, as a mother and as a person outside the medical profession, I panicked and immediately rushed her to the nearest hospital where there was a reputed E. N. T specialist. Perforated eardrum
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Paediatric ent servicesPaediatric ent services
The success rate varies according to the size of the perforation, and the presence or absence of infection pre- or postoperatively. Success rate is usually greater than 70 80%. Perforated eardrum
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Cchi mini-Glossary Project Glossary #2, Subject: ent ear Language: EnglishCchi mini-Glossary Project Glossary #2, Subject: ent ear Language: English
The outer portion of the ear, extending from the visible organ on the head to the ear drum. Perforated eardrum
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