Human head and neck Parental brain

Symposium 1: The genetics and epigenetics of parenthoodSymposium 1: The genetics and epigenetics of parenthood
Stephen Gammie (University of Wisconsin) Large scale changes in central gene expression across the postpartum period: relevance to sociability and mental health risks. Parental brain
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Eric D. FinegoodEric D. Finegood
Phd candidate in Developmental Psychology, New York University, Department of Applied Psychology. Parental brain
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Beyond the Nuclear Family: An Evolutionary Perspective on Parenting Current Opinion in PsychologyBeyond the Nuclear Family: An Evolutionary Perspective on Parenting Current Opinion in Psychology
Department of Population Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Keppel Street, London wc1E 7HT, uk. Parental brain
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Calderdale safeguarding children boardCalderdale safeguarding children board
Knowledge of child development is essential for all workers who come into contact with children and for their managers. It is a crucial component in family support and child protection and in assessment and planning interventions. Parental brain
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The Best 15 Ways To Boost Your Child\The Best 15 Ways To Boost Your Child's iq
High iq is not a stand alone quality that sets a child apart nor is it a requirement for a successful future. That said, all things being equal, maximizing your child’s intelligence is not only possible but it’s a “smart” thing to do. Parental brain
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Bio-behavioral SynchronyBio-behavioral Synchrony
Parenting: Science and Practice. Special Issue: The Arc of Parenting from Epigenomics to Ethics, 12(2-3), 93-267. Psychology Press: New York. Parental brain
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Your Child’s BrainYour Child’s Brain
A baby's brain is a work in progress, trillions of neurons waiting to be wired into a mind. The experiences of childhood, pioneering research shows, help form the brain's circuits-for music and math, language and emotion. Parental brain
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