Human head and neck Optic radiation

Supplementary Material Supplementary Methods Cognitive assessmentsSupplementary Material Supplementary Methods Cognitive assessments
This scale contains 18-items corresponding to the 18 symptoms in dsm (9 for each domain); it is used to quantify the adhd symptoms in everyday life, with a 4-point frequency scale ranging from 0=never/rarely to 3=very often. Optic radiation
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Optic Nerve and Visual Pathways DisordersOptic Nerve and Visual Pathways Disorders
N. B. unilateral optic nerve lesions cause afferent pupillary defect even with apparently normal vision, whereas with macular lesions this is late finding!. Optic radiation
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Nolte Chapter 16 – The Thalamus and Internal Capsule: Getting to and from the Cerebral CortexNolte Chapter 16 – The Thalamus and Internal Capsule: Getting to and from the Cerebral Cortex
The diencephalon is made up of the epithalamus(pineal), subthalamus, hypothalamus(which includes the mammillary bodies and the infundibular stalk) and the thalamus. Optic radiation
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Visual Pathway ReferencesVisual Pathway References
Describe the relationship of bipolar and ganglion cells in the retina to the visual pathway. Optic radiation
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Cognitive neuroscience 107a exercise #2 : neuroanatomyCognitive neuroscience 107a exercise #2 : neuroanatomy
Neuroanatomy Foundations (NF) program. Nf can be run from the Apple Macintosh and pc computers located in the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Room 101. Optic radiation
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Handout for eye anatomyHandout for eye anatomy
The visual pathway begins with stimulation of the eyeball and ends in the striate cortex (visual cortex in occipital lobe). Figure 4 Page 6. Optic radiation
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NS&B/Psyc 275 NeuroanatomyNS&B/Psyc 275 Neuroanatomy
Optic radiation
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Retina  optic tract  optic chiasmRetina  optic tract  optic chiasm
Retinotopic map – map of image falling on retina; large number of fibers representing fovea; in visual cortex – retina represented right side up. Optic radiation
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Physiology of VisionPhysiology of Vision
Optic radiation
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Receptor/ Afferent Limb Afferent SynapsesReceptor/ Afferent Limb Afferent Synapses
Facial Nerve/Nuclei loss of closure of ipsilateral. Optic radiation
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The cerebral cortexThe cerebral cortex
Most notable is a highly dense and granular LIV populated by small stellate neurons. These neurons are the major recipients of the thalamic relay that terminates in the primary sensory cortex. Optic radiation
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