Human head and neck Nucleus reuniens

The Cognitive Thalamus 2 : provisional programme June 21 stThe Cognitive Thalamus 2 : provisional programme June 21 st
"Role of nucleus reuniens in working memory and executive functions" Robert Vertes. Nucleus reuniens
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Programme 30- 45 Registration and poster set-upProgramme 30- 45 Registration and poster set-up
Chair: Robbie Drake (Senior Research Associate, School of Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience). Nucleus reuniens
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Inducing Moods or Emotions from PsychlopediaInducing Moods or Emotions from Psychlopedia
Researchers often want to explore the effects of moods or emotions on various outcoms. They might, for example, want to explore the impact of mood on creativity. Nucleus reuniens
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Dawson et al., 2015. Supplementary InformationDawson et al., 2015. Supplementary Information
Table blood glucose and tracer parameters in the 2-deoxyglucose imaging experiment. Nucleus reuniens
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Located in the medial temporal lobeLocated in the medial temporal lobe
CA2 represents only a very small portion of the hippocampus and its presence is often ignored in accounts of hippocampal function. Nucleus reuniens
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