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How To Dress For Winter WeatherHow To Dress For Winter Weather
What a difference the right clothing can make. The weather may be cold, windy and wet, but you're warm and dry because you're wearing appropriate winter apparel. Neck gaiter
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Cross Country Skiing ClassesCross Country Skiing Classes
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Items in Red can be rented. Pack & bagItems in Red can be rented. Pack & bag
We may encounter a variety of weather conditions throughout our climb, including rain, wind, snow, sleet and extreme heat. Skimping on equipment can jeopardize your safety and success. Neck gaiter
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Door Prizes for Cataloochee Race Jan. 25-26, 2014Door Prizes for Cataloochee Race Jan. 25-26, 2014
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Lcnsc youth ski program informationLcnsc youth ski program information
Classic Skis: (Pair of waxless skis, soft to flex and between nose and forehead in height). Neck gaiter
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Winter FavoritesWinter Favorites
It’s a bit early still to go there, but with the longest month just about over, it feels like there is hope spring may indeed arrive some day. In the meantime, however, we likely have another month of dreary weather on our hands. Neck gaiter
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Stampede Trail SnowshoeStampede Trail Snowshoe
Jon Krakauer We will be out for a trail snowshoe exploring an area just outside the boundary of Denali National Park. This is a beautiful area frequented by dog teams and other wilderness travelers. Neck gaiter
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Dressing for Comfort in the Winter MountainsDressing for Comfort in the Winter Mountains
Dress using the layering principle. Several lighter layers will be warmer than one or two heavier layers. Neck gaiter
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Ski Touring Gear List for West AlpsSki Touring Gear List for West Alps
The equipment and clothing you bring will have a big impact on the quality of your trip. Make sure to bring all items listed except for items that are listed as optional. Neck gaiter
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Equipment list western alpine wildernessEquipment list western alpine wilderness
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Renaissance 6th Grade Winter Voyage Gear List 2013Renaissance 6th Grade Winter Voyage Gear List 2013
Although cotton clothing is comfortable, it dries very slowly and does not retain its insulating properties. Synthetic materials (such as polypropylene, fleece/pile, polyester, etc.) or wool are essential for winter conditions. Neck gaiter
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Cabin Ski OvernightCabin Ski Overnight
The Angel Creek valley in April is coming alive with returning sunshine and melting snow. This is an awesome time to be out in the mountains in Alaska. Trip cost includes food, transportation, gear, and leaders. Neck gaiter
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