Human head and neck Neck dissection

Postoperative instructions for neck surgeryPostoperative instructions for neck surgery
Please refer to this sheet and if it does not satisfactorily answer your questions do not hesitate to call my office at any time. Neck dissection
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Neck Dissection Patient Postoperative Instructions and Information Lymph NodesNeck Dissection Patient Postoperative Instructions and Information Lymph Nodes
The nodes may be enlarged due to infections. Neck dissection
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Neck Dissection Post Operative InformationNeck Dissection Post Operative Information
It is normal to experience some temporary pain, swelling, bruising or numbness around the site of your incision. Neck dissection
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Figure legends supplemental Figure 1Figure legends supplemental Figure 1
Supplemental Figure 1: The management (A) and outcome (B) of 4254 patients who participated in the study cN=clinical n status, pN=pathological neck status, end=elective neck dissection, tnd=therapeutic neck dissection, os=overall survival. Neck dissection
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Brazilian Head and Neck Cancer Study GroupBrazilian Head and Neck Cancer Study Group
Werner S. Hebbel, Reginaldo R. Fujita, Pedro H. H. Motta, Roberto A. Segreto (Hospital São Paulo-Escola Paulista de Medicina, São Paulo, Brazil); Roberto S. Camargo, Marcos S. Menten, Eugênio A. B. Neck dissection
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Patient Education: Laryngectomy AppointmentsPatient Education: Laryngectomy Appointments
I am a laryngectomee (no vocal cords). I am a total neck breather I speak via a voice prosthesis. In the event that I stop breathing, expose my entire neck. Keep my neck opening clear and protected from liquids. Neck dissection
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