Human head and neck Nazca culture

Date History and CultureDate History and Culture
Cotton textiles of complex technique and design found at Huaca Prieta in the Chicama Valley (Peru). Nazca culture
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Time and Time LinesTime and Time Lines
Obviously, if history involves the study of the past, we have to be able to talk about how long ago something happened and whether it was before or after something else. Nazca culture
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The age of diversity: exploration study guideThe age of diversity: exploration study guide
Please remember, this is a guide and is not all-inclusive. All vocabulary terms, reading assignments as well as class notes and activities are fair game. This study guide is to be completed by friday, april 10th. Nazca culture
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Name PeriodName Period
Long ago, huge ice sheets covered the land. The level of the oceans dropped, and a once-underwater bridge of land connected Asia and the America. Asian hunters crossed this bridge and became the first Americans. Nazca culture
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Regulation QuestionsRegulation Questions
Operation Matterhorn targeted this country from bases in India and China, and many missions to attack this country took off from the Mariana Islands, captured as part of the island hopping strategy. Nazca culture
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Pre-Colombian- means b4 ColumbusPre-Colombian- means b4 Columbus
Bahamas not Japan as expected- headed for the East Indies- se asia- philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. East of India and refers to Americas before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and other western explorers and settlers. Nazca culture
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Early Civilizations and the Andes World History/NappEarly Civilizations and the Andes World History/Napp
America, from Colombia in the north to Chile in the south. After the Himalayas in southern Asia, the Andes is the next highest mountain range in the world. The Andes has a number of peaks over 20,000 feet in elevation. Nazca culture
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Test #4South AmericaTest #4South America
Linear and Block are the two types of embroidery styles seen in Paracas textiles. Nazca culture
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Peru extraordinary # 12Peru extraordinary # 12
Ancient Quechua Village, Pisac Indian Market and Ollantaytambo Fortress and Machu Picchu. Nazca culture
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Distinguishing Fact from OpinionDistinguishing Fact from Opinion
Read the passage below about the Nazca culture. Then beside each number at the bottom of the page, write “fact” if the underlined phrase with that number is a fact. Write “opinion” if the phrase is an opinion. Nazca culture
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Kew magazine august 2007Kew magazine august 2007
Cactus fruit on a Nazca culture pottery shard, 6727, 6790, 6821 and 6897 Caption : El 26 January 1957 came the water as far as Pampa Yauca’, 6735 caption ‘the water came 10 Jan the year of 1917’. Nazca culture
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