Human head and neck Nasal vestibule

Case report bilateral nasolabial cyst: a rare cause of nasal obstructionCase report bilateral nasolabial cyst: a rare cause of nasal obstruction
Samir Choudhary. “Bilateral Nasolabial Cyst: a rare Cause of Nasal Obstruction”. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 2015; Vol. 4, Issue 86, October 26; Page: 15105-15109, doi: 10. 14260/jemds/2015/2145. Nasal vestibule
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Ent diseasesEnt diseases
To introduce students to the working conditions and methods of investigation ent. Students should become familiar with inspection equipment frontal reflector and otoscope. Learn practical rhinoscopy, pharyngoscope, indirect laryngoscopy. Nasal vestibule
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32. 0, 33. 0 Respiratory system32. 0, 33. 0 Respiratory system
Alveoli, Smooth muscle tufts, Blood-air-barrier, Endothelium, Membranous Pneumocyte, Septal cell, Lamellar bodies, Surfactant, Alveolar macrophages, Pulmonary macrophages, Intravascular macrophages, Mononuclear phagocyte system. Nasal vestibule
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Introduction to the Respiratory SystemIntroduction to the Respiratory System
Is carried to cells by the cardiovascular system, which also returns carbon dioxide to the lungs. Nasal vestibule
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