Human head and neck Mental protuberance

Plates 18 and 19 Do not do: 18-(38)Plates 18 and 19 Do not do: 18-(38)
Directions: Use the terms listed for each plate to fill in the labels, please note that some terms may be used more than once especially when terms from two plates are combined. In the case of superior, Inferior etc. Mental protuberance
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Bones LandmarksBones Landmarks
Mental protuberance
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Human Anatomy Outline 7 part 2 muscle origins, insertions, and actionsHuman Anatomy Outline 7 part 2 muscle origins, insertions, and actions
Origin: Galea aponeurotica (a broad tendon sheet that connects to the occipitalis muscle). Mental protuberance
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Embryology of the MandibleEmbryology of the Mandible
Meckel's cartilage, the initial nonossifying template for early mandibular growth, forms. A single ossification center for each half of the mandible forms lateral to Meckel's cartilage at the bifurcation of the inferior alveolar nerve and artery into its mental. Mental protuberance
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Feature Location DescriptionFeature Location Description
Mental protuberance
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