Human head and neck Macular hypoplasia

Aniridia BackgroundAniridia Background
Aniridia may be genetic or random. It is caused by the pax6 gene. This gene is responsible for eye development. In the case of aniridia it does not function correctly. This causes the eye to stop developing too soon so when the baby is born the eyes. Macular hypoplasia
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What is Albinism?What is Albinism?
Albinism is an inherited condition where the body is unable to produce normal amounts of melanin. There are different types of albinism. Macular hypoplasia
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Supplementary table Target genes were listedSupplementary table Target genes were listed
Macular hypoplasia
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Developmental macular and foveal dystrophyDevelopmental macular and foveal dystrophy
Macular hypoplasia
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Mbbs, ms, dnbMbbs, ms, dnb
Fpos (Fellowship in Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus, Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai). Macular hypoplasia
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Children & Infants with AlbinismChildren & Infants with Albinism
Albinism is an inherited condition. It affects the eyes and skin of some individuals, and only the eyes of others. It results from the body's inability to produce normal amounts of a pigment called melanin. Macular hypoplasia
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