Human head and neck Macula of saccule

Hearing Inner earHearing Inner ear
This membrane structure more or less duplicates the shape of the bony channels. It is filled with a fluid called (endolymph), and there is no communication between the space filled with endolymph and those filled with perilymph. Macula of saccule
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Chapter 12: somatic & special senses objectivesChapter 12: somatic & special senses objectives
Explain what is meant by the term sensory adaptation, and name the only type of sensory receptor that does not undergo sensory adaptation. Macula of saccule
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د.عبد الجبار فالح Histology 2017-2018د.عبد الجبار فالح Histology 2017-2018
The eye is a complex and highly developed photosensitive organ that permits an accurate analysis of the form, light intensity, and color reflected from objects. Macula of saccule
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