Human head and neck Lateral thyrohyoid ligament

Worksheet 2: Respiratory AnatomyWorksheet 2: Respiratory Anatomy
Items in italics are probably not visible, because they are not included on our models or because they are too small to see. (1)=Lung & heart 5 part model; (2)=Lung & heart 3 part model;. Lateral thyrohyoid ligament
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Other structuresOther structures
Lateral thyrohyoid ligament
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Thyroid CartilageThyroid Cartilage
It consists of two laminæ the anterior borders of which are fused with each other at an acute angle in the middle line of the neck, and form a subcutaneous projection named the laryngeal prominence. Lateral thyrohyoid ligament
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Lung Model with Larynx & Heart (older models)Lung Model with Larynx & Heart (older models)
Lateral thyrohyoid ligament
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Anatomy of the LarynxAnatomy of the Larynx
Clinically evaluation of the larynx is topical external or endoscopic, as well as functional. Lateral thyrohyoid ligament
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