Human head and neck Lateral grey column

Key periodKey period
Chp 9, 11, & 12 Vocabulary: Use the textbook glossary or textbook (where noted) to define the following terms. Place your definitions on a separate sheet of paper or on flashcards in the order given below when handing it in. Lateral grey column
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Autonomic Nervous System IntroductionAutonomic Nervous System Introduction
The autonomic nervous system is an efferent system which controls the so called “visceral” functions of the body and plays an important role in homeostasis. Lateral grey column
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Physiology Study Guide 10: The Spinal Cord & Fiber TractsPhysiology Study Guide 10: The Spinal Cord & Fiber Tracts
Somatic motorneurons are affected by both pyramidal & extrapyramidal tract fibers from the brain. Lateral grey column
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