Human head and neck Lacrimal canaliculi

Dacryocystogram by linear tomography with omnipaqueDacryocystogram by linear tomography with omnipaque
Actinomyces, Chlamydia, dacryoliths, Wegener granulomatosis, sarcoidosis, allergy, hay fever, atopy etc. Lacrimal canaliculi
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Original article retrospective study of 861 cases of endoscopic endonasal dcr: our experienceOriginal article retrospective study of 861 cases of endoscopic endonasal dcr: our experience
G. D. Mahajan1, Priya Shah2, James Thomas3, Girija Ghate4, Mayur Ingale5, Paresh Chavan6, Anshuman Roy7, Kapil Duseja8. Lacrimal canaliculi
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Reimbursement for intubation of lacrimal canaliculi with stentReimbursement for intubation of lacrimal canaliculi with stent
Each head consists of two flexible winglets that fold inwards during insertion through the punctum, and spread back out after passage through the junction of the common canaliculus and lacrimal sac, thus securing the stent’s fixation. Lacrimal canaliculi
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Dr srijoy guptaDr srijoy gupta
A comparative study of endoscopic endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy with and without adjunctive topical use of mitomycin-c”. Lacrimal canaliculi
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Epiphora Definition overflow of tears CausesEpiphora Definition overflow of tears Causes
Small mucosal flap (valve of Rosenmuller) separates common canalicular opening from nasolacrimal sac to prevent tear reflux. Lacrimal canaliculi
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Name: conditionName: condition
Nasolacrimal duct obstruction (nasolacrimal drainage dysfunction). Lacrimal canaliculi
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