Human head and neck Iris pigment epithelium

Q: Picture with spoke transillumination defectsQ: Picture with spoke transillumination defects
Triad—K-spindle, ti defects, tm pigmentation. Myopia, young age, concave iris, posterior iris insertion. Pds same sex distribution, but pg 3x more common in men. Iris pigment epithelium
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Chapter 10-Iris and PupilChapter 10-Iris and Pupil
Aperture – a hole limiting the amount of light passing along an optical pathway placed near or at the lens. Iris pigment epithelium
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Patient Education Programme-sponsored by Hyderabad Eye CentrePatient Education Programme-sponsored by Hyderabad Eye Centre
It the most common eye operation in the world. Over a million Laser Vision Corrections of refractive errors are done in the us every year and a similar number in India. Iris pigment epithelium
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