Human head and neck Iridology

Iridology Introduction To Reading The EyesIridology Introduction To Reading The Eyes
During this exciting hands-on workshop, students will learn how to look at the iris of the eye, to identify which organs, glands, structures and anatomical systems of the body might be suffering the adverse effects of stress. Iridology
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Iridology with Dr. Ha Thi Huynh What is Iridology?Iridology with Dr. Ha Thi Huynh What is Iridology?
For example, some of the markings on the iris can be indicative of inflammation of a particular organ, which can be caused from poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, the environment. Iridology
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The Shortcomings of IridologyThe Shortcomings of Iridology
I had been taking for high blood pressure for the previous seven years. I am really well with the medications that the iridologist gave me to take” (Muñoz). Iridology
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Client name: Date: Weekly diet diaryClient name: Date: Weekly diet diary
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Registration form title: Dr. Mr. Mrs. Ms. Other Given Name: Family NameRegistration form title: Dr. Mr. Mrs. Ms. Other Given Name: Family Name
Includes Picking up from the air port of Sri Lanka, all meals, login, transportation, congress registration, tour, tickets at all sites of the tour and all the rest of the events. Dropping back at the air port of Sri Lanka for your return. Iridology
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Fallacy of the Excluded Middle (AT: k alternatives)Fallacy of the Excluded Middle (AT: k alternatives)
Cannot assume that there is only one extreme alternative that solves a problem. There are always multiple solutions. Everything is not just a or B. Iridology
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Client Information: DateClient Information: Date
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Published Articles: January 2010Published Articles: January 2010
Have you ever thought about who you are? Why you look the way you do, why you stand or express yourself in a certain manner? Why are you fine boned or why are you heavy set, your colouring etc? A lot of who you are is related to genetics. Iridology
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Iridology Your Unique Body Map Quite simply, IridologyIridology Your Unique Body Map Quite simply, Iridology
These can be detected through Iridology. By examining the eye, the Iridologist is able to determine a person’s overall state of health and well-being. They are also able to tell which conditions a person has the potential to develop. Iridology
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Img src= data: image/jpegImg src= data: image/jpeg
Participants will receive instruction in basic constitutional iris reading, both physiological (Classical Iridology) and multidimensional. Iridology
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Iridology classIridology class
Iris Analysis provides a comprehensive method of understanding the body’s underlying constitutional patterns that predispose one to certain health concerns. Iridology
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Iridology (eye-rid-doll-oh-gee)Iridology (eye-rid-doll-oh-gee)
The statement: “Your eyes are the window to your health,” may actually be more accurate or scientific. Iridology is a science that reveals inflammation, body constitution, genetic weakness. Iridology
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What is Iridology? The history of Iridology What is Iridology?What is Iridology? The history of Iridology What is Iridology?
Ngs exposing genetic inheritance, congestive and irritative zones and their various inter-reactions, within the bodily systems. In the hands of those who are well versed in the Pathology of the Pathways of Disease, as well as Anatomy and. Iridology
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