Human head and neck Inferior orbital fissure

Lateral View of the SkullLateral View of the Skull
The frontal bone forms the anterior part of the side of the skull and articulates with the parietal bone at the coronal suture. Inferior orbital fissure
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Plain Radiography D47 Plain RadiographyPlain Radiography D47 Plain Radiography
Plain radiography, although still employed, is not routine in initial investigation insensitive, nonspecific, redundant. Inferior orbital fissure
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The eye (ocular anatomy). The orbitThe eye (ocular anatomy). The orbit
The space not occupied by structures contain orbital fat. Conditions resulting in increased overall volume of the orbital fat e g hyperthyroidism may lead to exophthalmos. The bones forming the orbit are lined with periorbita(periosteum). Inferior orbital fissure
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Skeleton of the temporal regionSkeleton of the temporal region
Inferior orbital fissure
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Ocular anatomy the orbital cavityOcular anatomy the orbital cavity
Superior orbital fissure lacrimal, frontal, trochlaer,nasociliary, abducent nerves & superior ophthalmic vein. Inferior orbital fissure
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Lecture 4 Dr. Najat R. Ali F. I. C. M. S. Temporal fossaLecture 4 Dr. Najat R. Ali F. I. C. M. S. Temporal fossa
The foor of the temporal fossa os formed by bones of the side of the head-portions of the frontal, sphenoid temporal and parietal bones. Inferior orbital fissure
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Possible answers: the skull quiz 8: alveolar processPossible answers: the skull quiz 8: alveolar process
Inferior orbital fissure
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7 bones: zygoma, maxilla, frontal, ethmoid, palatine, sphenoid, lacrimal7 bones: zygoma, maxilla, frontal, ethmoid, palatine, sphenoid, lacrimal
Only branches of nasociliary nerves penetrate outside the cone beneath superior oblique. Inferior orbital fissure
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I. D. Anatomy of the EyelidsI. D. Anatomy of the Eyelids
II. a b Direct and Indirect Ophthalmoscopes and Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy of the Fundus. Inferior orbital fissure
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Skull as a wholeSkull as a whole
Please notice the borders as well, see the surfaces and all structures, which go there. Inferior orbital fissure
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