Human head and neck Hyaloid canal

Perception Lab Part 1: Cow Eye DissectionPerception Lab Part 1: Cow Eye Dissection
Trim away any excess tissue surrounding the eyeball and observe the external features of the eye (Figure 1). Identify the following structures: optic nerve, sclera, and cornea. Hyaloid canal
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Optic Cup and Lens VesicleOptic Cup and Lens Vesicle
The interaction between the optic vesicle and overlying ectoderm is an inductive process. That is, when the optic vesicles are removed, the overlying ectoderm is ordinary and not transformed into lens fibers, which should normally occur. Hyaloid canal
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Aqueous humourAqueous humour
The term 'ocular hypertension' is used for cases having constantly raised intraocular pressure (iop) without any associated optic nerve damage. Hyaloid canal
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