Human head and neck Hemiballismus

Extrapyramidal Movement Disorders (general)Extrapyramidal Movement Disorders (general)
Term “extrapyramidal disorders” is now replaced by more descriptive and accurate term “movement disorders”!. Hemiballismus
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Basal Ganglia Physiology A103 Basal Ganglia PhysiologyBasal Ganglia Physiology A103 Basal Ganglia Physiology
Glutamatergic (excitatory) – everywhere excitation is needed, except intrastriatal. Hemiballismus
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Movement disordersMovement disorders
It is result from dysfunction deep sub cortical gray matter termed basal gangalia. Hemiballismus
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Gait Abnormal gaitGait Abnormal gait
Seeing a patient walk can be very revealing for neurological diagnosis and is an important element of assessing disability. Patterns of weakness, loss of coordination and proprioceptive sensory loss produce a range of abnormal gaits. Hemiballismus
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Symptomatic treatmentSymptomatic treatment
Thanks are particularly devoted to Dr. Tarek Awny, Professor of Neurology, Al-Azhar University Faculty of Medicine, for his kind, meticulous, and perfectionist revision of this text. Hemiballismus
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Tsm60: basal ganglia 31/10/08 Learning OutcomesTsm60: basal ganglia 31/10/08 Learning Outcomes
The basal ganglia are five grey matter nuclei situated near the base of each cerebral hemisphere. Hemiballismus
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